Master Collection for Mobile + Desktop

Within the Master Collection there are 5 styles of preset (with 3 variations so you’ll receive 15 desktop presets for Lightroom in total) which you can choose from depending on the style you’re looking for. The preset styles you’ll receive are Blush, Jetset, Cappuccino, Amalfi and Valencia, with 3 variations of each for desktop, and also a mobile preset for each style, to use on the free Lightroom CC app. Be sure to download the files onto your computer first, before transferring into mobile.

Please note; you’ll need to have Adobe Lightroom installed to use these Presets on your computer, and the presets are non-refundable.



The Mobile Collection

Woohoo! You can now use #fashionmumblrpresets on your mobile, using the FREE Lightroom CC app! This collection includes all 5 Fashion Mumblr Presets; Blush, Jetset, Cappuccino, Amalfi & Valencia as well as easy to follow instructions for how to install and use them on your app. The presets work on iPhone and Android, but please note – you’ll need to download the files onto your computer first, before transferring to your mobile. If you don’t have a computer, please contact me to arrange a different way of downloading.



Darlings, I hope you enjoy using these presets and if you like, I’d love to see what you create so please add #fashionmumblrpresets and tag @fashionmumblrpresets to your posts so that I can share them too! xoxo


Golden Preset Bundle

Introducing the fabulous new bundle of presets, designed to bring a warm, golden glow to your imagery! At this time of year, with cool lighting and low winter sunshine, I’ve found myself developing new presets to make my images appear warmer, bright, sharp and glowing – and I’ve been using these threee presets to achieve it! In this bundle, you’ll receive 3 presets; Leaves, Golden Hour and Vintage, each available for the desktop version of lightroom AND the mobile app!




Individual Presets

If you’d like to try just one of the presets, you can also purchase them individually below! For £40 you’ll receive the preset for use on the FREE mobile Lightroom CC app, and 3 variations of the preset to use on the desktop version of Lightroom. This product will be delivered in a zip file and therefore must be downloaded to a computer first. Instructions are included for transferring them to your mobile phone and using them on the app. If you don’t have access to a computer, please contact me for information on a different way to download.


Amalfi Preset

Introducing the new Amalfi preset – Darlings you asked for a more vivid and colourful preset, and so here is the beautiful Amalfi preset! Named as such as I developed it to edit the photos from our trip to Italy, and after receiving such a wonderful response on Instagram, here it is. Use this filter for your vacation shots, or just to add a beautiful soft but vivid citrusy colour to your Instagram – I actually think this is my favourite preset yet! I can’t wait for you to try it!


Valencia Preset

I couldn’t resist creating one more preset which is kind of a combination of Blush and Amalfi – still soft and pink, but with more vivid colours. This one is beautiful for both product shots, and fashion imagery, and has the power to transform even the most plain and lacklustre mobile phone photo, into something absolutely beautiful!! PURCHASE VALENCIA


Blush Preset

My original preset!! I developed this to totally transform my Instagram into something soft, bright, pink and beautiful!! Removing any unflattering blue or green tones, this preset is quite incredible at instantly editing a dull, unusable photo into something stunning. Use this filter on your Instagram feed or blog photos for the ultimate girly, romantic, and consistent style! PURCHASE BLUSH  


Jetset Preset

If you’re a globe trotter and want to add a real ‘wow’ factor to your travel snaps – whether you’re a pro instagrammer or just want to impress your friends & family with your gorgeous imagery, the JETSET preset back is an easy way to instantly improve your pictures. More time on the beach, less time editing, and consistently stunning photos each and every time! PURCHASE JETSET

Cappuccino Preset

For lifestyle shots and travel I love to use the soft & muted presets within the CAPPUCCINO set – just one click and your imagery has a perfectly adjusted white balance, a soft temperature and vivid, finely tuned imagery. I guess this is the most versatile preset for blogger photos – giving you that slightly de-saturated, cool girl vibe! PURCHASE CAPPUCCINO
 Valencia Filter – Before & After – the newest to the collection!