Katherine Daniels Repairing Nourishing Mask

{ Katherine Daniels Repairing Nourishing Mask }
Firstly, i’ve just noticed how stereotypically ‘bloggy’ these pictures are! Vogue magazine, Check! Diptyque candle, Check! Flowers…. you get the picture! 
I recently discovered British Salon brand Katherine Daniels, with celebrity facialists, salons, and makeup artists all absolutely raving about the products. You may remember from my Urban Decay : City Living Vs Your Skin post, that I’ve admitted that city living has completely wiped out my skin, so I’m intruiged to find out more about the brand’s claim regarding using the ‘finest active ingredients to treat skin based on its type, the environment, lifestyle and the British climate.’
I chose the Repairing Nourishing Mask, firstly because of the name. No more coding and figuring out what a product is meant to do; [I’m talking about Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, yes this sounds super exciting, but What Does It Do?!] this one says it on the tin. It repairs, nourishes, and it’s a face mask!

The mask is a total treat for my skin, it’s rich, creamy and is completely absorbed by my skin (which to me is a sign that I desperately needed it!). The buttery texture is lightly scented thanks to the Avocado and Shea butter ingredients, and the brown and red seaweed extracts work to restore hydration and nutrition levels in the skin.
I shower after using the mask, and afterwards my skin feels incredibly hydrated and squeaky clean. I think i’ll start using the mask as a weekly treat, and highly recommend that you try it if you suffer from dry or dull skin.

You can see their full range on the Katherine Daniels Website, here.

Have you tried anything from Katherine Daniels Cosmetics?