Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel

Only recently have I started using non-clay face masks. Previously, I’ve always looked for that drying, impurity cleansing feeling that comes with a clay mask – as I feel like I can really feel them working. I was therefore intrigued to try the Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel, as it’s gel – like consistency is nothing like anything I’ve tried before. Officially, it’s not really a mask, but a peel.

The ingredients include glycol acid and fruit enzymes – both of which i’ve heard good things about, and I was pleased when a tingling sensation occurred a few minutes after application, as I said I just love it when you can really feel a product working! I used the mask the evening before my graduation (risky – I know!) and was pleased to see my skin looking smoother and clearer the following morning, having read up about the ingredients this seems to be the result of the Pomegranate Enzymes which lift away dead skin cells. I had a few breakouts lurking but they seemed to have vanished after using the mask.

Unlike clay masks which can really dry out drier skin types, the peel’s active ingredients help skin to absorb moisture treatments more effectively – allowing you to benefit more thoroughly from your moisturising lotions.

I wasn’t sure how long to leave the mask on – the instructions on the back of the tube are a little airy-fairy! But after 15 minutes I wiped off using a hot cloth in the shower.

I highly recommend this mask – I’d say there is enough product in the tube for 10-12 applications, and the results are comparable to that of an salon facial – so it;s an affordable, quick alternative which you can achieve at home!

The mask is £19.50 and available from here.

Have you tried any exfoliating peels?