Bust and Body firming with Clarins!

Products that claim to firm/lift/reduce wrinkles are always met with a large amount of scepticism – now I’m the most open minded person EVER but some things do just seem too good to be true! But if any brand has always stuck to their promises, it’s Clarins! The Extra Firming Body Lotion promises to lift, tone and moisturise while the Bust Beauty Extra Lift Gel also promises to deliver long-lasting bust firmness. 

The first thing that I love about the Bust Beauty Extra-Lift gel is the packaging – the pretty frosted bottle doesn’t look out of place amidst my fragrances and candles on my bedside table. The product has a fresh scent and is refreshingly cool to apply – a treat before bed on Summer evenings. Unlike several other gel-like products i’ve tried before, it is not at all sticky to touch, so you can dress immediately after application.
After a few weeks of use, I’m a little disheartened (but not surprised) to find that sadly no change in the size or… pertness of my breasts is visible, but the skin over the area is noticeably softer and feels smoother. I think it fair to point out at this stage that I have what may be considered as the world’s smallest boobs, so I’m probably not the best at describing the firming and lifting effects of the product!
The Extra Firming body lotion has been newly packaged, this time in a squeezable tube instead of a jar – which i massively approve of because I hate having to dig into lotions when my nails are long!  Like most Clarins products, the lotion has the most luxurious fragrance which I absolutely love! It feels so luxe to apply, the thick lotion feels rich and velvety and feels soft and smooth on the skin. Upon application, skin instantly looks smoother as though airbrushed and the rich ingredients keep skin moisturised for many hours application. I love applying the lotion after exfoliating in a long shower but I don’t slap it on everywhere. This lotion isn’t cheap so I use normal products on the lower half of my legs, and my arms and use the Clarins on my thighs and tummy. I massage it ALOT to ensure the product is properly absorbed, and I’m sure the massaging action helps with the firming!
Now maybe this is psychological, maybe it’s because of the massage action but I swear my thighs look more toned! The skin definitely looks smoother, less of the orange peel look – it’s a shame that the weather seems to be getting more wintery – I wish I’d discovered this before Summer!
The rich lotion will be a treat to apply on colder evenings though – and will keep skin moisturised despite the chilly air.
Have you tried any firming products?