NYFW Recovery Day | Jet Lag Tips

After a whirlwind few days in New York, today is my ‘Me’ day. A day of recovery and relaxation before the madness of LFW begins. Despite a pile of invitations for shows today I know that  I might just burn out if I don’t take a day off, so on the agenda today? My bed, my pyjamas and some good old Netflix! With so many fashionistas jetting back to the UK from New York, I thought I would share a few tips to avoid the dreaded Jet Lag;

1.) Keep Hydrated!
Flying can make you extremely dehydrated due to drying conditions aboard the aircraft. Air is forced to draw moisture from whatever it can on a plane, including our skin! Drinking lots of water, and extra moisturiser in your skin care routine for a week before you leave, and upon return is sure to compensate for dryness. I love the for giving skin a quick spritz of hydration while on the run.

2.) Stay Awake
It’s tempting to have a deep slumber when you arrive back in the UK or in your new timezone, but by sleeping in your new time zone’s bedtime hours, you;ll adjust better and fend off jet lag. Yesterday I had a mini nap after lunch which meant I could stay up until normal UK bedtime, and thankfully no jet lag this morning!

3.) Get Moving
Flying is a very sedentary experience, so not only should you try to take a few walks up and down the aisles, but when home go for a long walk to clear away any aches – plus the fresh air will be good for you!

4.) Pamper Yourself
When arriving either home or at your hotel, cleanse skin with a mild facial scrub to remove surface dry skin calls caused by flying. Nothing too abrasive which will scratch and irritate skin though. I’ve been using the Bioderma Hydrabio Gentle Exfoliating Cream which leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished, rather than dry.

5.) Enjoy ‘Me’ Time
This varies from person to person, but for me, it means catching up on blogging, chilling in my PJs and my super comfy (I had to take them to New York with me because I can’t be without their pillowy softness!) and relaxing in bed with some good old Gossip Girl box sets!

So there are my 5 basic tips for avoiding Jet Lag for Fashion Week – and tomorrow the LFW madness begins!

Do you have any tips?