Autumn Walks

There are so many reasons why I love Autumn, after the mad rush of Summer, the season is almost a sigh of relief – which means comfortable knits, snuggly boots and of course a warming mug of hot chocolate. Last weekend, there was a rare day of sunny weather, the low glow of the sun was glinting through the vibrant leaves and so I bundled myself into my cosiest clothes and headed out for an Autumn walk.

In Autumn, I’m a hat person – no other season! I have Fedora hats in 3 different colours (all of which I’m sure will make an appearance over the coming weeks!) and I always stick them on for warmth, and also when I can’t be dealing with my crazy parting situation! (I don’t have one, where my hair falls just depends on whether mother nature is feeling kind to me that day!) This pea coloured one is from Topshop – .
My other regular accessories include my Storm Watch – it’s part of the Geo collection and is the Mizzan style in Rose Gold. I adore rose gold, and this delicate design is really feminine, it has a pearl backed face and it also perfectly matches my Monica Vinader Siren ring! The Storm Watch is £149 available here. I got the ring from the legendary Monica Vinader Sample Sale (find out when the next one is here) – I think it would usually retail for over £200 but I paid just £35 for it! You can’t spot it from the outfit images, but I’m also wearing a classic friendship bracelet also from Monica Vinader
I keep getting asked about my nails too – they are the Animal Print Nail-Its from Sophy Robson. I was treated to a manicure by the lady herself at the Harvey Nichols Tanicure blogger event over two weeks ago, and they are still going strong! I used to avoid false nails thinking that they didn’t suit me, and also because I always used to catch my hair in them! But as Sophy shaped them perfectly to my nail bed, I’ve been able to type, shampoo my hair and carry on with everyday life no problem, and I’m constantly receiving compliments on them! You can buy them from BeautyMart here.
You can just see a hint of my grey, baggy knit which is from and over it I have worn this cape from M&S. It took me a while to find a cape that I liked – I always knew that I wanted to buy into this trend but didn’t want to have the awkward situation of being one in a million wearing one of the Topshop versions, so when I spotted this one in M&S, complete with the snuggly fur collar, I snapped it up! I think it’s still available instore, but I couldn’t find the link online (sorry!) but is similar.
My favourite part of this entire outfit is the footwear. My boots are from EMU and since they arrived, they’ve not left my feet (apart from bed time, because that would be really weird..) because they are just SO comfy! They are lined with Merino Wool which of course means your feet are kept snuggly warm, (but it’s breathable so you won’t overheat!) and the waxed outer material repels any rainwater. Unlike many winter boot styles, they are designed to be slim-fit, so they are flattering even when worn with skinny jeans! For £135 I think these boots are the ultimate Autumn footwear choice, from here.
I’ve been pretty bad at doing outfit pictures recently, so let me know if you like this one and I’ll try to do some more! Oh! And I almost forgot, the lipstick is .