This Week I’ve Been….

Welcome to my new weekly feature! Each week, I’ll be sharing my highlights of the week, everything from beauty and fashion, to food and life. I’ve been a tad poorly this week, but that hasn’t stopped me making the most out of a trip to NYC, so This Week I’ve Been…
… Celebrating a mini promotion with a Sephora Haul! During my trip to NYC with work, I found out that this year I’ll have more responsibility at work by managing a small team within PR & Marketing. So naturally, straight after the meeting I headed to Broadway and went a bit crazy in Sephora! I can’t wait to share my purchases so I’ll be posting a big haul post next week!
… Setting up the NYC HQ. We’ve just opened our first office in New York in the amazing WeWork offices in SoHo. This means lots of new hires so I spent most of my time in the Big Apple interviewing potential new candidates for a Marketing role out there. The rest of my time naturally was spent shopping and eating!
… Eating my body weight in Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Probably not even an over exaggeration! On day 1, we discovered Mac Bar, with dishes including ‘Shroom Mac’, ‘Mac Quack, ‘Cheese Burger Mac’ and ‘Margarita Mac’. I was in heaven. We went to so many great eateries during our short trip, so let me know if you’d like an NYC Foodie type post!
… Then justifying it by taking lethal Juice Shots. These bad boys were brutal. I’d never imagined that a shot of juice could burn so much! Turns out they are about 90% ginger…
… Eagerly awaiting the Clarins Spring Launches! Especially the Instant Light Lip Perfector Balm. I am so excited to try these little beauties, they sound like my dream products! 
… Perfecting my In-Flight Beauty Routine. My mini promotion means I’ll be flying to NYC more, so while my BA Air-Miles will be happy, my skin, not so much! This week on the blog I shared my tips for How I Survive Long Haul Flights, and during this trip I put my perfected routine to the test, and landed back in the UK with better skin that when I left! Result!
… Living in my Pom Pom Poodle hat! With temperatures down to -14 in NYC, I rarely took off my cute bobble hat from Pom Pom Poodle. The hat has a detachable real fur Pom Pom, and I love it because not only is it so pretty and feminine, but it’s one of the only hats I’ve ever worn that actually fits my little head! Hats that hang off the top of your heads is one trend I just do not understand!
What have you been up to this week?