Brunch at Chiltern Firehouse

I have to be honest and confess that these photos are almost 10 months old, so I’m not going to pretend that i’ll be writing even the slightest bit of a review of brunch at Chiltern Firehouse! But you know I’m not one to waste some pretty photos, so I just thought I would share the pretty pics we took!

Although I do recall the eggs benedict being seriously darn good! Vicky and I had a lovely sunny table in the outdoor garden, although the indoor tables are equally as lovely. The Chiltern Firehouse is well known for the A list elite which regularly visit the restaurant, and you can see why. The twists and turns of the garden area make the seating quite private, and the service was fabulous. The staff are dressed in beautiful tailored dresses; so beautiful in fact that I was tempted to hand in my CV just so that I could get my hands on their lovely uniforms!

What I Wore:
T-shirt –
Skirt –
Shoes –
Bag –
As we move into Spring i’ll definitely be on the look out for some new brunch places to try out, so please let me know your favourite sunny spots!