What’s in my Gym Bag?

Surprisingly I have actually been sticking to my regular morning visits to the gym and have been going twice or three times a week. Having just moved offices and spent 9 days abroad on a work trip, that has been slightly trickier recently but now I’m back, and have joined a new fancy gym, I am planning on going at least three times a week. One thing that really motivates me is having a great kit. I can’t deny or try to hide the fact that I am very materialistic so of course some lovely gym clothes and a cute gym bag definitely gets me excited, and I feel like now I have figured out the best bits to keep in it so I thought I’d share it with you!

First things first – the beauty products! As I gym before work, I shower and do my makeup after exercising so I love to have minis and essentials in my gym bag so that I’m never caught off guard if my usual handbag makeup bag is missing something. I separate out the products that I use in, or straight after showering, and the products that I use for beautifying afterwards. In the shower bag I keep whichever shampoo and conditioner sample I can get my hands on (currently really loving this duo from Swell) as well as an in-shower cleanser. The Purity by Philosophy cleanser is fab as it’s multi tasking as it cleanses, tones and removes waterproof eye makeup while being gentle, and doesn’t dry out my skin. I also keep a tooth brush in the bag and of course a mini deodorant, and a mini bottle of TRESemme dry shampoo (I don’t wash my hair if I’ve done light exercise, like a Pilates class).
In the beauty bag there’s always a mini tube of moisturiser and body lotion, as well as a foundation or BB cream. I find monthly beauty boxes are perfect for stocking up on gym-bag sized samples, like this ROC Multi Colour Correxion which came in a recent Glossy Box. 
Oh yes, the important bit! Firstly to store all of my gym essentials is this large squishy bag from Sweaty Betty. It is incredibly lightweight and the straps are perfect length for either holding by hand, or looping over your shoulder. There are mesh pockets on the inside and outside as well as loops on the bottom of the bag for holding your yoga matt. For me one of the best things about the bag is that you can really squish it into your locker because it’s made of such soft material, and the black quilted outer fabric looks incredibly chic. The subtle Sweaty Betty logo in gunmetal is a fabulous touch.
I’ve been buying way too many gym clothes recently, but I always go back to my favourite leggings and sports bra also from Sweaty Betty. I’ve had them over two years but still love them; the leggings are so flattering and I even wear them out and about on the weekends because I love the style so much! My socks are also Sweaty Betty, they have a cushioned bit by the heel so they don’t slip down, and are incredibly comfortable – I’ve never got a blister or sore while wearing these socks!
To complete my Sweaty Betty hat trick is this gorgeous coral coloured water bottle. It’s a great size and  holds enough water for my entire workout – I don’t have to re-fill mid session!
The other two absolute essentials in my gym bag include my Bass Buds earphones; the sound quality is great for loud listening (and I do tend to listen to crazy dance music when I work out so a good bass quality is essential!) and they are so cute with the diamanté detailing!
Finally, this mini pair of hair straighteners from Diva. The mini pro stylers are the most high performance mini straighteners that Ive ever used and they’re under £30! They’re seriously mini so perfect for my gym bag. They have smooth ceramic plates and heat up in just 30 seconds. 
Now while I am no expert when it comes to fitness in any way, I do have a few tips for packing your gym bag:
1. Waterproof your shower kit! My shower products are in a Dermalogica makeup bag which has a waterproof lining, so I can just grab that one when I finish my workout instead of having to dig through my bag to find shampoo, conditioner, hair brush etc. Travel sized items and those sachets you get in magazines are perfect and you can try new products without committing to a full size product.
2. Only bring what you need. Even in just a few months my gym bag has shrunk significantly. I know I could bring even less but being a product junkie means I would rather just bring travel sized products than go completely without.
3. Don’t forget your underwear! It may sound crazy but if you leave for the gym in the early hours of the morning then pack the night before so that you don’t forget the essentials!
3. Double buy your must haves. You don’t want to be packing and re-packing things like serum, moisturiser and mascara every morning so unless you have a couple of different products which you can keep in your gym bag, buy duplicates of your essentials.

What’s in your gym bag?
Do you have any tips for packing a gym bag?