Pink Lip Picks

This may sound pretty wild for a beauty blogger… but I have a confession. I’m just not a big lipstick person. *Gasp!* I love lipstick, and I adore collecting it but I do not consider it an absolutely essential part of my daily beauty routine. I’m more likely to apply a pop of balm over my lips, simply to add moisture and make some kind of effort in the lip department as I often find lipstick to require far too much maintenance. However every now and then a product comes along which changes this, and BOOM my whole daily routine is upskittled. (I hope I didn’t make that word up? I’ve used it so much recently!)
This Spring has seen some beautiful new lip launches and a few in particular have surprised me by sneaking into my morning routine, each one wowed me in a way which I totally wasn’t expecting. The Bourjois Rouge Aqua Laque changed my perception of a lip gloss. No longer does it stick in your hair, or last for a grand total of 10 minutes, but rather just hours of pretty colour and smooth, moisturised lips. Trying out the new Rouge Aquas reminded me how much I loved the Rouge Velvet’s, so I’ve also been reaching for these again – there always seems to be one in my handbag makeup bag!
Another Lip rule breaker is the La Créme Colour Drenched Lipstick from Too Faced. Also uber hydrating but with less of a shine, the Marshmallow Bunny shade has been my pretty pink of choice when I want a delicate pop of colour – the formula glides onto lips and melts into the skin – bliss!
I’ve also been getting much more into using lip liners – I love the precision that a liner gives, and one which I have been reaching for a lot recently is the Age Reverse perfecting Lip Liner from Studio 10.  I smother the dusky rose shade all of my lips to create the impression of a more full lip, and then add a touch of the highlighter to emphasise my cupid’s bow. I have naturally quite full lips but with this… wow. The difference it makes is hugely noticeable and the double ended pencil with the highlighter too is so unusual.
It took me far too long to jump on the bandwagon with but now I can see what all the fuss was about! I shouldn’t have, but I presumed they would just be a kind of cheap sticky formula which has been selling well because of Tanya’s name on it, but oh no, they really are fabulous! For a pretty pink pout I’ve been applying Afternoon Tea – a flirty pink hue which is so easy to apply either on its own or over the top of a lipstick. The fragrance is scrumptious – I bet Tanya had such a super time trying them all out!
Finally, and yes this one is for the days when I don’t want to maintain my lips, the Fresh Sugar Nude lip balm. Pricey for a balm yes but I just absolutely love the texture and colour . It’s intensely moisturising so ideal on between-lipstick days to give your lips some nourishment, plus it’s got SPF 15 so definitely one i’ll be popping in the beach bag this summer!
What are your favourite Pink Lip Picks recently?