Four to Try // Benefit

It all started with the Roller Lash Mascara. 
Ok so I’d always known about Benefit, and I’d always loved anything that I’d tried from them, but only recently have I seriously sat up and taken notice of the brand as a serious player in my makeup drawer. If you follow me on Snapchat ( and if you don’t you should! I’m JosieLDN) you will have seen what great fun I had at the Benefit Brow March, and the little freebies that we received as a Thank You for participating, well that was just the start of my recent love affair with Benefit.
Yes, I fell in love with Roller Lash the very first time I tried it. No other mascara curls and separates my lashes quite like it, and never before have I received more lash-related compliments! I raved about it in both my April Favourites, and May Favourites videos so take a peek if you want to hear all my thoughts.
The Big Easy BB cream was a product that completely took me by surprise. With it’s liquid to powder formula it somehow works its magic by creating a flawless matte finish, even though it applies like a cream. If your skin feels normal or even a tad dry when you apply your makeup in the morning, but it’s looking shiny or melting away by lunch time, then the Big Easy could be exactly what you need – it actually works to control oil and balance out the skin, it’s a one trick wonder for all my skincare needs. Love.
After finishing my base, I like to apply a pop of colour to my lips just to get rid of the nude tint created by my foundation, and I’ve recently been reaching for the Posie Balm or Cha Cha balm to give a subtle tint to lips, as well as moisturising them ready for any lipstick that I apply later in the day. Also featured in my May Favourites  these little balms are just so handy for popping in your handbag, I’d say I reach for them on an hourly basis while at my desk!
My most recent discovery is the Benefit Gimme Brow. I popped into the Benefit boutique on Carnaby street for a brow wax and shape in the hope that the Benebabes would be able to give me some lust-worthy arches, and not only did I leave with absolute brow perfection (thanks to the fabulous Amy!) but also armed with a Gimme Brow to try, and plenty of tips on how to get the most out of it. My brows are a little sparse but Amy showed me that I can back-comb my brows using the small brush from Gimme Brow, which plumps up the brows, adds more volume, and builds up each brow hair to create a much more full looking brow. My brows have never looked better! And for that, Benefit, I’ll forever be grateful.
Have you tried Benefit? Which products are your favourites?