Holiday Beauty Prep

Oh yes, that time of year has come again where I raid through my ‘Summer Beauty Box’ and pick out all the creams, lotions and potions which shake up my beauty routine to help me look and feel a little more holiday ready. As you read this, i’ll be hopping on a flight to Menorca for a long weekend, but the holiday beauty process started weeks ago…

Before baring all, I like to give myself a head start in the tanning department, and this means picking the most flawless looking fake tan. Before tanning I like to prep my skin (more on this here), and recently I’ve been testing out the , which gives my skin a bit of a pamper by moisturising and protecting from early ageing signs, as well as giving an incredibly natural looking pre-holiday glow. The mousse gives a guide colour making it super easy to apply without any streaks, and this gradually develops into a lovely deep glow.

On my face, there’s two products which are essentials in prepping for holiday. Firstly, the Kae ArgaSun Tan Activator. It’s a natural serum which prepares the skin for the sun and then repairs and comfort the skin after sun exposure. One of the key ingredients is Carrot Oil which promotes an even and long lasting tan, and Argan Oil which prevents skin from becoming dehydrated, and encouraging cell renewal. I’ve been using this each morning for a couple of weeks now to hopefully stop the usual scenario of my face being several shades paler than the rest of my body!
Another facial tanning obsession is the which I spoke about previously here. Clarins do literally the best self-tanning products and these tanning drops are seriously special. You just add a few drops to your moisturiser (or body lotion if you have the body version) and it adds a beautiful subtle colour, you can even tailor the number of drops you add depending on the effect that you want to create.
My hair often becomes incredibly dry and knotty if I don’t apply sun protection, so I’ve already stashed the Windle & Moodie Invisible Day & Night Cream in my beach bag to protect from UV rays. It also has the benefit of being a conditioning leave in cream, giving my hair a lovely healthy shine and feel – an essential after a day on the beach!
The is one of those incredible multi takers that not only heals the skin from a day’s exposure to the sun, but also injects skin with the nutrients it needs to help it tan better, and more safely. This will be going in my hold bag for applying after my evening shower – anything that can help me achieve a more flawless and safe tan while I’m away is a winner!

What are your favourite products for Holiday Beauty prep?