Skincare Takeover : Anne Semonin

The great thing about being a beauty blogger is that I get to try out lots of new skincare products; new launches, new formulations and new brands. One thing I do miss though about my pre-blogging days is discovering skincare that truly works for my skin, and using purely that brand or product. Trying out lots of new products means I rarely get into a proper routine, but this month I’m treating my skin to using a full range of products from just one brand; Anne Semonin.

I start the day by waking up my skin with the – the top photo shows them on the far left, before they were popped in my freezer! I’d never heard of anything quite like skincare ice cubes before, but it’s an absolute dream product for these warm summer months. The first thing I do in the mornings while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil is pop one of the frozen cubes into a little fabric pouch (which comes with the ice cubes) and smooth over my face, holding for a few seconds under my eyes to really wake up that area. I have to say it is absolutely freezing (duh!) but it really calms and tightens my skin, and by lowering the skin’s temperature, blood vessels constrict which speeds up the drainage of toxins which can puff and blotch up your skin. Of course the cool temperature instantly awakens the skin (and just me in general!) and my complexion is left glowing and fresh afterwards!
My moisturiser is all about protection. At the moment I’m really concerned about protecting my skin from both the harmful effects of the sun, aging, and the effects of pollution. Before applying makeup I’ve been using the Anne Semonin Oligo Protect Cream, which is SPF 15 and also contains minerals and ingredients which guard skin from environmental damage and signs of premature aging. It’s a little thicker than previous moisturisers that I’ve used, but sinks in within just a few minutes, and leaves a smooth finish which makes an ideal makeup base. My skin almost feels as though I’ve applied primer too, but the moisturiser is a one-step product for getting my skin prepared for the day!
In the evening, I alternate between two different serums. The Soothing Intensive Complex (the two smaller bottles) are ideal for when my skin needs calming; when I use these before bed I know i’ll wake up with a fresh complexion! They are botanical oils, filled with scrumptious ingredients such as the essential oils or marjoram, Italian lemon zest and laurel. I mix a couple of drops of each in the palm of my hand before patting them on my face. By encouraging greater blood circulation by widening blood vessels, skin cells function more effectively, meaning a close-to-perfect skin day the next day! 
If my skin is a little dry or dull and tired, then i’ll reach for the Oligoanne Serum which I can instantly feel nourishing my skin! Not only does it pump skin with antioxidants to revitalise it after a long day, but it also has firming agents so no more puffy face in the morning!
Sometimes my skin just needs a real boost – after a long week and not much sleep last week I had a delicious pamper evening and the product which made the most difference was the Anne Semonin Gel Mask. It said leave for 10 minutes, but it must have been 45 minutes before I pulled myself out of my relaxed coma and finally removed the gel mask with a warm flannel! It’s designed to cool and recharge tired or dull skin, and it most definitely brings back a fresh glow if your skin is a little ‘lacking’ in that department! The invigorating mix of ingredients such as cypress, yang yang and lavender essential oils shake up your skin cells to give skin an instant energy boost!
After two weeks of using only Anne Semonin skincare products, my skin feels more predictable, I haven’t been woken up to a ‘bad skin day’ since sticking to using the brand, and my skin is absolutely loving all the botanical ingredients from all the products! So I am halfway through the month and will let you know the effects that the products have had on my skin in early July!
Have you discovered Anne Semonin yet?