Chantecaille’s Protect The Wolves Collection

A couple of weeks ago, at a stunning launch breakfast in the Haymarket Hotel, announced their new Fall 2015 Colour Collection. Not usually one to get hugely excited about Autumn Winter collections (I’m all about the pastels!) I wasn’t expecting to be so overwhelmed by the upcoming collection. Channelling the dramatic earthy tones of the wilderness at night time and inspired by majestic wolves, the collection includes a Protect The Wolves Eye Shade Trio, and a beautiful new Cheek Shade in Ella. 
The breakfast was kicked off with a short film about how, without Wolves, the entire landscape of Yellowstone National Park in North America would dramatically change, as it did when the wolves were hunted a few years ago. The Wolves were portrayed as an essential and elegant part of the eco-system, bringing life to the area, instead of just being predators. The collection will feature a 5% donation of proceeds going to the Northwest Conservation Group to work to protecting the Wolves.
The Eye Shade Trio features the classic incredible quality, smooth and blendable eyeshadow formulas that you’d expect from Chantecaille, in a haunting deep black shade, as well as a warm pewter and deep green to create a hypnotic smokey eye effect. The weightless and subtly shimmering blusher in a delicate rose petal pink shade gives an elegant flush of colour and all of the products feature the stunning Wolf design on the powders.
Have you discovered Chantecaille?