I Am Juicy

As a child of the nineties, I grew up dreaming of the day I’d finally own a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit, and those pop-tastic brightly coloured handbags. Although sadly I never got my hands on either of the above, I did manage to somewhat collect Juicy Couture fragrances, and, delighting the pre-teen version of myself – Juicy Couture has launched a new Eau De Parfum – I Am Juicy. Who am I kidding – even the twenty something version of myself is obsessed with this fragrance!

If you’re a fan of the previous Juicy fragrances (especially Viva la Juicy) then you’ll detect a familiarity with I Am Juicy – with notes of Gardenia and Cashmere Woods, following a pop of Raspberry and Passion Fruit top notes. The Raspberry notes linger, giving the fragrance a sweet scent, but it’s still a creamy and gentle perfume.

The bottle is a chic, golden, almost idol-like creation. It exudes glamour, just like the scent within. I’ve been reaching for it both in the day time and for nights out, and find it extremely long lasting and suited to almost every occasion. Yes, there’s something about it which gives the fragrance a hint of nostalgia, but as our generation has grown, as has the brand, making it every bit as desirable as those velour tracksuits back in the nineties!

The fragrance is out now, and available online at £50.00 for 50ml.