Unspoken Beauty

I’ve been blogging about beauty for almost two
years now, and in that time I’ve barely touched the surface when it comes to
those unspoken beauty topics. You know, the not-so-glamorous stuff we only dare
to speak to our friends about, making blogs and the internet the most natural
place to search for answers for the more faint of heart. Therefore, in this
post I’m going to be addressing all of those topics I’ve brushed under the
carpet. So, get comfy and read on…
Don’t be a Sweaty Betty. Body
odour is the pits (sorry!) but luckily the deodorant market is ginormous and
there are a million stink and sweat stopping options on every shelf. There are
so many options to choose between. I usually opt for a 48-hour anti-perspirant
which keeps you feeling fresh all day – letting you go about your business
Fighting the facial fuzz.
So you’ve tamed the monobrow and mastered the art of keeping your brows neat
and tidy, but that ‘tache on the other hand – you’re still not sure how to
attack it. If you have dark hair then the upper lip can be an area of concern
for us girls and creams may seem like the easiest way of removing hair but
often the smell is just unbearable. Tweezerman’s new Smooth Facial Hair Remover
is a game changing gadget which effortlessly removes hair from your upper lip
as well as cheeks, chin, neck – you name it! It also minimises regrowth by
pulling hair from the follicle, you can bid farewell to stubble or the need for
sticky wax.

Freshness that lasts.
As much as I love trying out fancy lotions & potions, it’s important to
remember that our skin is sensitive and certain areas *yeah you know where I
* are a little more sensitive than others. It only makes sense then
that you cater to your body’s needs and choose a product that’s designed to look
after your skin’s needs. The femfresh
Everyday Care Daily Body Gel
has a
low pH level so is perfect for use on more intimate parts of the body, and it’s
not something we should be embarrassed about using either. Mixing it into your
usual shower routine along with your favourite pampering treats is an easy way
to feel fresh and fabulous all day long, and their handy wipes mean you can
literally freshen up whenever you want. 
Happy Feet. We spend all day on them, so it’s no surprise that our feet need a bit of pampering. Luckily I don’t have many problems with my feet but that could be thanks to my routine which includes using a foot file about once a week in the shower to ensure that there’s no dry skin on my heels, followed by applying a luxurious foot cream like the Soap & Glory heel genius all over my feet before popping on some fluffy socks while it soaks in. Every now and then it’s nice to use an exfoliating product on your feet followed by a good slathering of an oil, to keep you sandal ready at just a moments notice. 
We all have body hair. So
let’s just talk about it. Attending to above mentioned intimate areas isn’t
something that I want to do on the cheap, so I’d always recommend going to a
decent beautician to keep everything neat and tidy. My top choice is Strip, and
there are a few branches in London so you can find one close to either your
work or home. Razors are fuss free and quick to use, but there will always be
the issues of little nicks, ingrown hairs etc, so now I epilate my legs (I
wrote a guide to Pain Free Epilation here) and use
at home IPL Lazer Hair
 (video review here) on
my underarms. Yep, it’s kind of confusing using a different technique on each
body area, but hey, we should cater to our body’s needs even if it is slightly
inconvenient. Even with my convoluted routine, ingrown hairs can still be a
problem and
are my saviour. Soaked in liquids which prevent and also sooth ingrown hairs,
they also work to heal skin and remove dead skin cells for a smoother skin surface.

OK, I think that’s enough for one day, I hope this
post has been useful to you and I promise I’ll be back to more glamorous
subjects tomorrow!

This is a sponsored post, but of course as always, all opinions are completely my own!