5 Ways your Hair-Care Routine Should Change for Autumn

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE autumn. I adore bundling myself up in cosy knitwear, drinking far too many cups of tea and hot chocolate and indulging in comfort food (no surprises as to what exactly… *ahem macaroni cheese*) but the change in temperature can be seriously confusing on your hair. Not just the texture, a change in dryness or frizz-levels, but also the colour! So here are some of my top tips for keeping your hair looking and feeling fresh and healthy over the coming months!

Up the Moisture!

You know how your skin gets dry and kinda itchy when the temperature drops? It’s not sexy, I know, and the same goes for your hair. The transition between Summer and Autumn is when it is so vital to add a hair mask and switch up your shampoo and conditioner to help your hair adjust to the change in temperature. The does exactly that, and it’s packed with 7 nourishing oils which leave even the driest of locks feeling soft and hydrated after just one use. I find that it really prevents my ends especially from drying out, and all of the seriously luxe ingredients such as African Shea, Mango Seed Butters and Jojoba Oil work wonders to my stressed out hair. Another range which uses oils to keep the moisture levels of your hair in tip top condition is the Oleo Radiance range from TRESemmé – I’ve been using this three times a week to keep my hair consistently conditioned.

Use Natural Ingredients

Products with natural ingredients will prevent your hair from drying out, as they don’t strip your hair of oils like some synthetic and alcohol based ingredients do. I love to use the to amp up my hairs volume, and it’s made from naturally-derived ingredients which my hair just loves! 

Go Darker

Summer is synonymous with sun-kissed hair, but colder weather means less time outside, and those highlights fade! You can beat nature’s effects on your hair by taking your hair darker by a shade or two, which means the transition happens more evenly. I recently spoke to the colour experts at Paul Edmonds who advised that I added a mocha tone to my bright blonde locks, to tone it down a little but without loosing that vibrant blonde shade that I absolutely love. Coloured hair needs extra attention, and I always have a little pot of the in my handbag – you only need the tiniest amount to prevent flyaway hairs, add shine and also condition and protect hair from dropping temperatures when you’re out and about.

Look after the Ends!
By upping your shampoo and conditioner game in the ways I mentioned above, you’ll already have a head start with the condition of the ends of your hair. Sometimes though, it is just too late!!! I’ve actually discovered a product which works to seal and repair split ends, not just prevent them, so if you’ve already let your hair get a little out of control, then I highly highly recommend the Loreal Expert Sealing Repair serum. I add a couple of pumps before I blow-dry and then again when my hair is dry, it seals the ends straight away so your hair looks and feels smooth and frizz free.

Amp up the Oil

I think we’ve just about tackled the stigma around using oils in your skincare routine if you’ve got oily or combination skin (oil reduces oil production and all that), and the same goes for your hair. Don’t be afraid of using products with oil in, your hair needs the added moisture and nourishment provided by hair oils as the temperature changes and by adding oil to your routine, your hair follicles won’t need to create so much – meaning your hair is conditioned but not greasy. Another product in the TRESemme Oleo Radiance range which I love is the Radiance Oil Elixir. It adds such a beautiful illumination to your hair that makes even the driest locks look as though they’ve had a pricey hair treatment, and it never, ever feels greasy. 
How do you Switch Up your haircare routine in Autumn?