The Discovery Programme

Things I took away with me from Lefay included a glowing tan, some heavenly bath and hair products and some of Lefay’s herbal tea; but most importantly, I took away mindfulness, and words of wisdom from the resort’s in house doctor about how to relieve stress and tension from everyday life.

On our first full day at Lefay, I met with Doctor Corradin with whom I discussed sleeping and eating patterns, my dreams and my everyday worries. He felt my pulse and was able to tell things that even I didn’t know about myself (even though they were worryingly true!) before making recommendations about small changes I could make to my lifestyle in order to combat my stress and worries. The Doctor prescribed me three special treatments to tackle my energy using methods from Chinese Medicine and healing. My first treatment used warm carbon sticks on my back to relax my muscles and channel my light and heavy energy, it wasn’t long before I drifted into a trance of relaxation while listening to renditions of Beethoven classics. I awoke refreshed and calm before the full body massage began, using smooth olive oil from the resort’s own olive farms, and inhaling Eucalyptus and mint burning oils – a multi sensory massage experience. The all over treatment is aimed at revitalising the flow of internal energy and although I dozed off after the treatment, the next day I really noticed the benefits, springing out of bed and feeling far more alert and ‘present’ than any other day.

A facial massage treatment was next, with the aim of relaxing my facial muscles (starting by massaging my hands and feet), before the process of facial cleansing and moisturising began, purifying the skin and soothing the contours. Stimulating the King energy points, I left the Spa feeling calm, but with a clear mind – usually I leave spa treatments in a semi-daze, so this was certainly a new experience! I spent the rest of the afternoon reclined on the spa terrace, sipping on the Nettle detoxifying tea, feeling physically and mentally awakened – an addictive feeling which i’ll be using the Doctor’s tips to recreate back home.

There was more to come though! We had a private session in the Spa’s Salt-water lake, ‘La luna nel Lago’. Descending into an underground darker pool carved from natural rock, we submerged ourselves into the marin salt water heated to 38 degrees, surrounding by pools of crystallised salt extracted from the Red Sea, and gazing up at an incredibly realistic larger than life moon sculpture, while allowing our bodies to absorb the minerals from the water.

The Spa lies at the heart of Lefay, and merges the ancient principles of Classical Chinese Medicine with modern western techniques; the in-house Doctor and Spa Manager have created a range of health programmes with are aimed at rebalancing and rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit through the recovery of vital energy, and the rediscovery of a healthy way of living. As a forever-busy Londoner, it was an eye-opening experience, and after just three days at Lefay I recognised the importance of taking a step back sometimes, switching off and enjoying some me-time.

Small Luxury Hotels offer various bespoke packages at Lefay Resort & Spa in the prestige junior suite, including breakfast and private transfers to the resort, as well as the various Spa programmes.