Behind The Scenes with Schwarzkopf


Shooting with Schwarzkopf

If you’ve been keeping up with my Weekly Vlogs, you probably spotted my quick trip to Germany for an exciting shoot with Schwarzkopf! Well, now I am so excited to share the behind the scenes snaps and let you know a little bit more about the collaboration. I was invited out to Hamburg to shoot some video clips and product tutorial shots for the OSIS Soft Glam range; yep the one with the beautiful pink packaging! It’s a professional range used by top hair stylists to protect and nourish the hair while enabling you to create beautiful hairstyles. For the videos, I created a variety of hairstyles ranging from a very bohemian textured plait, to a festival-fabulous fishtail hair bun using a range of products from the range such as their texturising spray, heat protect spray and setting spray to keep the styles in place all day long.





A Day In The Life

The location for the shoot was the Moij salon in Hamburg, just a short walk from my hotel. The day began at 7am, straight into makeup where the girls gave me a natural makeup look which we built up as the day went on. For each style, the perfect hair prepping spray was chosen depending on whether I needed volume, shine or texture. While my makeup was applied I’d top up on my hair-styling skills by watching YouTube tutorials and practising on a dummy head, before heading to the studio area to create the styles in front of the camera!

We would the reverse the style, photographing each stage as I un-did it again, before washing my hair ready to start all over again! Over the two days we photographed and filmed 6 different looks and hairstyles, perfect for Summer weddings, days at the beach, and festival styles!

I’ve always envied the life of a model, travelling the world and spending their days in makeup and in front of the camera, but during my 2 day trip it made me realise how much time and detailed efforts go into a shoot – it’s seriously hard work! The 12 hour days were exhausting but when you see the edited photos appear on the screen!

I’ll be sharing some of the final images over on my Instagram over the next few months so make sure you’re following me over there to catch the snaps!

OSIS_SoftGlam_MakingOf_0027 OSIS_SoftGlam_MakingOf_0025 OSIS_SoftGlam_MakingOf_0018 OSIS_SoftGlam_MakingOf_0017


For more behind the scenes action, check out my Vlog of the day here!