What You Need to know about Natural Skincare

Skincare Natural Beauty Review

So it turns out beauty is more than skin deep.

Each and every one of us is guilty of slathering, rubbing, spritzing and swiping numerous products onto our bodies each and every day. Our skin absorbs over 100 different chemicals from products ranging from our cleansers and toners, to our serums, moisturisers and makeup. Of course, strictly speaking these chemicals are safe – but as most of us wear makeup every day it’s easy to understand how a little bit of BB cream here and a touch of moisturiser there soon adds up. Truthfully, no-one really knows how these chemicals effect us in the long run, or how they will reach with the chemicals in our body.

So no one has dropped dead after achieving killer lashes with the latest mascara, or trying out a new fragrant body wash, but the more I’ve researched natural skincare recently, the more it makes me want to err on the side of safety, and at least give my skin a break from the chemicals that I subject it to.

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How to Green your Beauty Routine

Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more than testing out the latest innovations when it comes to fancy serums and moisturisers, but the more I read up on natural skincare, the more I’ve been investing in 100% natural skincare. That leads me to introduce Skincere – a beauty brand that doesn’t make you compromise between natural ingredients, and a superb skincare routine. Those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin will be relieved to hear that the products are gluten, dairy, soya and even nut free, and each product works beautifully, making it a pleasure to switch into your skincare routine.

The first step to making your beauty routine more green is to simplify it. For three weeks, I put my favourite tried-and-tested skincare lotions and potions to the back of my cupboard in favour of a green routine. Instead of double cleansing, I reached for the Skincere Cream Cleanser, followed by their eye and facial serum, and a light day cream. In the evenings, my oils and heavy creams have been replaced by a much lighter Skincere Night Cream.

Secondly, check the labels. In order to write ‘natural’ on the packaging, products only need to contain a certain percent of natural ingredients. Skincere is 100% natural; formulated with hypoallergenic and soothing ingredients which provide thorough skincare but without the use of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Thirdly, don’t compromise! Natural skincare doesn’t mean that your skin needs to be less cared for, and natural beauty brands have come a long way in recent years. This was my main reservation when switching up  my entire skincare routine, but the unique formulations of the Skincere range left my skin feeling more comfortable and ‘relaxed’ while maintaining a radiant glow.

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The Benefits of Natural Skincare

So, is it worth the hassle? Does it really make that much difference? Well, here are my thoughts on how my skin has changed since switching to a natural routine, as well as some more scientific findings that I’ve unearthed!

The internet seems confident that natural skincare products are the safest, and most effective means to maintaining the good health of your skin; nature has given us ingredients with powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties so it’s unsurprising that they’re effective within a skincare routine. More natural ingredients are also more easily absorbed by those top layers of skin, so that we are able to benefit from the goodness within the products instead of it creating a barrier. I noticed that my skincare routine took much less time; the serums and creams were almost instantly absorbed, meaning I could apply my makeup just moments later instead of playing my usual waiting game.

Of course the main advantage of using natural skin care is their hypo-allergic characteristics – most of us will find out skin tolerates the products very well due to the fact that no additives or preservatives are lurking within.

In contrast, chemical products can be harmful because of the release of malign substances into our blood streams – not something I like the sound of! Chemically processed products which contain synthetic preservatives do tend to last longer though, so the one thing to be wary of is the length of time that your natural skincare has been on your shelf. Keep an eye on the expiration date, and once it’s opened, be sure to use it up!

If you have a skin condition, your skin is more likely to be tolerant to natural skincare and they can often be introduced into a routine in addition to prescribed treatments. Natural skincare such as Skincere isn’t exclusively for those with skin conditions though – the benefits also include natural anti-aging benefits, and who doesn’t want that?!

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My Skincere Beauty Routine

The first part of my new, natural beauty routine is the Skincere Cream Cleanser. The product that I first tried in the range, and that one which is already top of my ‘must repurchase’ list. It’s thick and creamy (think Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish consistency), and almost mask like when applied to dry skin. Fragrance free, it’s incredibly gentle but without compromising on skin-cleansing. I didn’t even feel the need to double cleanse, and instead of feeling tight, my skin feels soothed and calm after use.

Unlike my previous eye and face serums which take many minutes to sink in, the application of the Skincere Eye Serum and Facial Serum is a speedy process. Their light consistency is instantly absorbed into my clean skin, and that hit of hydration is noticeable. Only a small pump (the eye serum pump needs only to be pressed 1/3 of the way down) will go a long way, and the hydration lasts all day, even when I’m out and about in the city.

I pushed aside my fancy moisturisers in favour of the Skincere Day Cream – made with plant extracts and beautiful botanical ingredients which naturally soothe and hydrate the skin, it does everything it says on the tin. The combination is absorbed in less than a minute, meaning my skin is ready for makeup application almost immediately. The makeup looks healthy, fresh and radiant and my oily t-zone is kept shine free throughout the day. This combination gives my usual expensive concoction of daily primers and lotions a serious run for their money.

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A Complete Routine

The final part of my skincare routine is the Skincere Night Cream. A thicker and more luxurious version of the day cream, the cocktail of natural ingredients are slowly absorbed by the skin as you slumber. When I wake up in the morning I’m treated to skin that feels nourished, and the mirror reveals smooth and soft skin that looks clear, soothed and fresh.

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My research and trialling of natural skincare has really altered my perception of beauty products, and makes me think twice about anything I apply to my skin. Whether you suffer from a skin condition or not, Skincere is a brand that I recommend that you try, should my notes on a more natural skincare routine inspire you to switch your skincare routine.
The products are available in Holland and Barrett as well as the brand’s website, and now is a great time to stock up as there is an incredible sale on most of the products!

Are you temped to switch to a more natural Skincare Routine?



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