A Beauty Investment : Tom Ford Spring Summer 16

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  eye cream trio 9

Tom Ford Spring Summer 16 Colour Collection

I had so much fun photographing this beautiful new collection from Tom Ford. Every single product is impossibly beautiful; classic, elegant and chic looking, just like the beauty looks that they can be used to create. Recently I have loved putting together a video tutorial of a full branded look (here is my one for these beautiful Tom Ford products) as I believe it’s the best way to highlight how these products look on the skin, and how easy they are to apply. I’m no makeup artist after all!

This post is to introduce you to the collection, to share with you my favourites, and the video gives you more of an idea of the application, how they look on the skin and the finish. I hope you enjoy this new process of sharing luxury beauty launches!

The latest Tom Ford Spring releases have timeless glamour down to a tee. It’s all about illumination, and subtle pops of colour that truly make a statement. From a new shade & illuminate palette which takes contouring & highlighting to a whole new level, to an innovative lip product which takes lacquered lips to a whole new level. My personal favourites however, and the ones featured within this post are the gleaming metallic  in the beautiful Bronze & Champagne shades, as well as some products from the core collection – the l (my new everyday lip shade) and the eye-waveringly beautiful (and absolutely bloody huge) which I already don’t know how I lived without before it joined my makeup bag stash.

Read on for more of my favourites from the core range, and from their Spring Summer 16 releases, and head over to my YouTube to see these pieces in action.

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  Lipstick

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  highlight powder review Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  Lip Patent review


With packaging and application like no other lip product I’ve ever come across, the Patent Finish Lip Colours truly are very special. A clicking pen, which after twisting the base (for a good minute or two, the only downside!!) dispenses the most intense, glossy colour onto the applicator sponge. Upon the lips the glossy finish is quite remarkable – such intense colour and shine which lasts for hours with no fade. The lightweight texture on the lips makes the colour incredibly comfortable to wear, and with 8 shades to choose from, there’s no doubt that you’ll find your perfect Spring Summer pink.

From glossy lips to a super illuminated complexion, this collection truly is about mastering the power of light. Within the Spring collection, a cream compact has been launched, but my personal favourite is the highlighting and illuminating powder duo which has to include the two most flattering powders to capture the magic of golden light on the skin. The delicate white shade gives the luminous glow of a spring morning which the radiant golden shade creates a more romantic candle-lit glow. Worn separately or together, the glow is other-worldly.

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection - Patent Finish  Lip Colour

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  concealer

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection - foundation

The Luxury Base

A flawless makeup application always begins with incredible preparation, and is a hybrid product combining skincare and makeup to protect and prepare the skin. A luminous canvas is created, the perfect first step for long lasting and incredible comfortable makeup application, while the Tom Ford Infusing Complex within the product ensures that the skin is protected from free radicals, and texture tone and brightness are improved. I personally adore how it feels on the skin, my complexion feels refreshed and throughout the day my skin remains perky and awake-looking, even on those endless days in the city.

After discovering the at a Tom Ford counter experience, it swiftly became my go-to product for creating a perfect and flawless base. While in the video I create a lighter base using another foundation, the Tom Ford Foundation Stick is used to layer up where more coverage and an airbrush finish is desired. This foundation is quite an investment, at £64 it’s the most expensive I’ve tried so I’d advise spending some time at a Tom Ford counter and discovering your perfect shade and ensuring that you love the finish and feel. If you love multi tasking products then you’ll be pleased to know that using less of the product can give a medium sheer but still perfecting finish, while it is also incredibly build able for a flawless high coverage effect. Because of it’s hydrating formula and undetectable finish, I also love to use it as a concealer to blend away any imperfections.

The is equally as undetectable on the skin – expertly camouflaging under eye circles leaving the area smooth, flawless and fresh looking. I adore the application – a twisting base and a perfectly rounded sponge make it a pleasure to apply, and the formula rejuvenates the skin while giving that perfected finish. I apply after the Traceless foundation in a lighter shade to truly add illumination to the under eye area.

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  bronzer

To complete my luxury base, I apply the larger than life, alternating my application depending on the desired effect. In my tutorial video I focus on the hollows of the cheeks and my temples to give a natural sun-kissed contour and glow, and this is how I apply it most often. It’s just as perfect for creating an all over bronzed effect, thanks to the incredibly natural and, there’s no other way to describe it, expensive looking colour that this gives. It is cased within a huge white compact with a large mirror which is an essential for makeup application on the go, and the silky mineral formula means that this beauty will accompany on my Summer travels for years to come.

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  eye cream trio Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  eye cream champagne swatch Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  eye cream b

OK, I admit I was a little scared to apply the Tom Ford Creme Colour for Eyes at first. I’d heard of their intense pigmentation, their luxurious finish and I was afraid that my average makeup application skills would not be worthy. But, I am so glad that I bit the bullet and gave them a go, because now, I’m addicted. The eight shades are all ultra-pigmented metallic shades, and my favourites include the glimmering bronzey gold Sphinx, and ultra-wearable Opale, both of which I apply within the video. They seamlessly apply onto the eyelids (I prefer to use my finger for more control) and unlike other eye creams I’ve tried in the past, they remain tactile and blendable for as long as you need to create that perfect eye look. They are the most lustrous, hypnotically glittering shades I’ve ever tried and I couldn’t believe how easy they were to apply. Previously a powder eyeshadow only type of girl, the cream eye shadows have me converted. See how I create a glamorous bronze eye look using these and the Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in the tutorial video.

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  Spanish Pink Lipstick

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  mascara eyeliner
Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -

Lipstick Love

I don’t use the word love lightly here, and by no means is it an over-exaggeration at all. I truly have fallen in love with my new lip combination of the , and . The shade itself is the most heavenly combination of nude, pink and brown – it’s impossibly perfect for both day and evening wear and gives any makeup look a classic, feminine and polished finish. The colour transfer is beautiful, the packaging, even more beautiful – and although I never wanted to use it because of the fabulous TF embossing on the bullet, it was so worth it for the beautiful finish. Not quite matte but definitely not high shine, the lips have a subtle glow, but it really is the colour that makes me adore this lipstick so much.

All About Eyes

Also within the tutorial video I use and ( I spoke about the Mascara in this blog post, so won’t go into detail here) and the latter is absolutely top of it’s game, the cream of the eyeliner crop! With two equally skinny nibs on either end, you can choose between a short nib for precision or a longer one for a full cat eye application. With the most intense black almost glossy line it creates the perfect  finish every time, and despite me using it daily for over a month now and occasionally even forgetting to put the lid back on, it’s showing no signs of drying or fading.
Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  Neroli Portofino Acqua
Tom Ford Spring Summer 2016 Beauty Makeup Collection -  Portofino fragrance

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua

Last but absolutely not least is a stunning new fragrance launch from Tom Ford; their scent. An extension of Neroli Portofino, it is lighter, fresh and instantly transports you to the glittering coastal waters of the Italian Riviera. I’ve already decided that this will be my summer fragrance, just one spritz already has be dreaming of azure waters and that warm coastal breeze. It has a citrus and amber lingering scent which changes as the day goes on, it’s light and fresh – but equally as sophisticated and opulent as the other Tom Ford fragrances I’ve tried and loved.

There we have it, my absolute favourites from Tom Ford’s core and Spring Summer ranges. This truly is a full face of luxury and I hope that my reviews and video tutorial will help you decide if you’d like to splurge on any of the above. If I were to recommend a couple of stand out products it would be the Eyeliner and Lipstick in First Time, but I highly recommend visiting a Tom Ford counter to discover the brand for yourself.

Which is your favourite Tom Ford product? Have you tried the brand?

These products were kindly sent to me for review purposes and so that I could share them with you! Find out more on my Disclaimer.