How To Up Your Instagram Fashion Game


So, You Want To Be A Street Style Star?

We’ve all done it. Spent hours insta-stalking those girls who seem to never put a fashion-foot wrong. There are thousands of Instagram accounts devoted to street style superstars, from Like to Know It where all the photos are shoppable, to accounts like StreetStyleLuxe which cherry pick the best from the fashion bunch. We all know that it takes a whole lot more than picking up a designer handbag and hitting the streets of SoHo during Fashion Week but what exactly is it that creates that perfect chemistry between girl x outfit x photographer?

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Walk In Beautiful Places

You may have noticed that there seems to be a winning formula when it comes to creating that perfect street style shot. The person featured is absolutely always being their best self – an inspirational outfit, hair and makeup on fleet etc, plus a striking background which compliments the shot. While said person is oozing their fabulous self, a photographer just happens to be there to capture the moment in high res, premium quality.

The background can make or break a shot. I’ve loved outfits before but they’ve ‘gone to waste’ on days when I havn’t been able to find somewhere pretty enough to shoot them. Sometimes a simple brick wall is all your need, or a pastel wash. On other days, only striking columns or the blogger-favourite white South Kensington streets will do. In my mind, the more detail within your ootd, the simpler your background can be. If you’re rocking the plain fabrics, focusing more on design than pattern, then switch up your background. If your ootd is all about the pattern and detail, choose some where more plain. One of my fave girls for doing this like a pro is What Olivia Did, whose pro photographer boyfriend Joe is also a master at choosing a location for shoots (he shot this post for me too!).

If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Start with the simple backgrounds and then start to take the scenic route home; skip the bus and start walking – you’ll be surprised at what beautiful locations you can find.




Master Your Poses

The key way to look great in photographs is to relax. If you’re worrying about your smile, your hair or where to put your arm then the vibe is lost. Some fashionistas are blessed with looking great at every angle, but most of us are just normal girls who’ve spent far too long looking at photos of ourselves, and have learnt which angles work for us, and which don’t. Personally I find that looking down with my head slightly pointed away from the camera (above right) is my most flattering pose, so i’ll be sure to get at least a handful of snaps like that as a fail-safe.

You don’t even need to include your face in photos, one of my favourite instagram curl-crushes / friends Kate aka The Glow Edit is a pro at the ‘caught off guard’ hair flick, meaning that she rarely shows her face in photos.

Practise a handful of different poses in front of the mirror and in front of the lens, then look back at them taking note of the poses that make you look and feel great.


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Wear Talking Point Accessories

While always staying true to your personal style (my tips on defining your style are here) , it’s always great to incorporate this season’s (or better still, next season’s) hottest accessory. Budget dependant it could be Chloe’s latest clutch bag, or Valentino’s newest Rockstud Style, or even just a new season statement piece such as a pair of striking sunglasses.

Photographers are like magpies to key accessories, and it’s nice to mix up your grid (Instagram grid, duh!) with a close up detail shot amongst your #ootds. One of my favourite girls for accessories and #ootd perfection is Emma Hill – her collection of designer bags will leave your credit card quivering but boy does she know how to rock them!


Wear Shoes You Can Walk In!

Sounds obvious right? But there really is nothing worse than watching a woman tumbling over in her towering heels, or teetering on the cobbles (RIP, Somerset House Courtyard). It may be a photo, rather than a video, but if you can’t strut through the urban landscape in those fabulous shoes then not only will you be uncomfortable, but your instability will come across in the photos.

Being a petite, I’m a big fan of heels but I have a few key pairs that I know have leg lengthening powers but are also super comfy. Nude and strappy are two key things for me and my were the greatest investment for nailing that perfect #ootd. The ultimate master of choosing fabulous heels that she can actually walk in is Emily Jackson (The Ivory Lane) who never lets her school runs and chasing after her young children come in the way of 6 inch designer heels!

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Have Fun With It!

Although fashion outsiders may not fully understand that these street style paps are actually part of our PR and Marketing strategy; they really do. But, if it all gets too serious and weighing heavy on you, then you’ll loose that crucial joie de vivre that makes those photos so desirable.

Keep your outfits playful and fun, while fabulous. Flirt with those flash bulbs! I try not to take myself too seriously in photos – I’m a blogger not a model after all. One of my fave babes for always looking like she’s having a great time in photos (and trust me, she actually is) is Hannah Gale. Whether rocking a Printed Sweatshirt or the latest trends, that contagious laughter and happiness is always present.


K1Shirt Dress by    |   Sunglasses by|   Circle Clutch by |   Nude Shoes by |   Bracelet by Carat   |   Necklace by Manja   |


Of course you’ve got to feel great in your#ootd to get that instagram-worthy shot, so build a wardrobe full of trend and timeless pieces that always make you feel fabulous (more on that here). This outfit is my first nod to spring (bring it on!) – a that is the easiest piece in the world to fling on when you want to look effortlessly fabulous (oh, and it’s £36?!), plus those . Dainty accessories complete the look and are beautiful enough for those close up details shots – a mixture of rose gold and pink, my two favourite things!
What are your top tips for rocking a street style snap? Who are your favourites to follow?
Photography by Joe Galvin