How to have an At Home Spa Day!

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Making Time for You!

“Hey nice to see you! How are you?”

“Great thank you, just SO busy at the moment!”

Sound familiar? It seems that everyone I speak to at the moment is on the edge of imploding with a huge workload, busy and stressful day to day life and little or no downtime. A relaxing day at the spa is something that we all dream of, but sometimes a full on spa experience may be a little out of budget or require too much time out of our crazy schedules which is why an at home spa experience is something we should all be making time for. Here are a few tips for how to create that incredible spa atmosphere at home, and give yourself a pampered glow that comes from a totally blissful experience!Fashion Mumblr Champney's Spa Evening-6

*Clearly I need to give myself an at home manicure!

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Stock up on Beauty Pampering Treats

Where better to stock up on products for an at home spa day than an actual spa brand! Champneys are a world renowned luxury spa with a focus on health, fitness and wellness – with Spa locations across the UK that I am absolutely dying to visit! But for now, recreating the experience at home will just have to do!

First, I set the scene by recreating that unmistakeable relaxing spa scent, lighting a candle and spritzing the Champney’s Good as New Pillow mist. I  love to spritz by bedroom or the lounge and then close the door so that next time I head in, I get a full blast of the heavenly fragrance of lavender, geranium and chamomile. Don’t put it away after spritzing the room though as it’s also perfect for spritzing on your pillow before bed to give you a most tranquil night’s sleep!

An area that I often don’t look after when giving myself a pampering is my hands – other than a quick manicure, we often don’t give our hands the care they deserve, so I treat myself to a revitalising hand scrub using Champney’s Harmonious Hands Restoring Hand Scrub. Leaving me with unbelievably smooth and gorgeously scented hands, it’s full of tiny crushed apricot seeds to exfoliate, and notes of night jasmine and gardenia giving it such a beautiful and spa-like fragrance.

The final product for your at-home spa session has to be an ultra rich and soothing body lotion, and when choosing one, the scent is most definitely a deciding factor! That’s why I’ve chosen the Summer Dream Body Souffle by Champneys – without doubt the most gorgeously scented body product I have ever smelt! The shuffle texture is heavenly to apply onto the skin, not only leaving limbs soft and refreshed, but honestly, that scent lingers for hours afterwards – notes of summer are created with peach, mango, orange and passion fruit, and it truly does smell good enough to eat!

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Create some Healthy Treats

One of the great things about a Spa day is the delicious treats that you can feast on, without the guilty feeling afterwards. As Champneys is all about health & wellness, I decided to create my favourite healthy but delicious snack for my spa evening. Here’s the recipe for you to recreate at home!

Healthy Energy Balls Recipe!

  1. Grind up 150g of raw cacao nips until they’re fine but not oily.
  2. Add and grind 150g of cashews until the mixture just starts to clump, but again stop before they release too much oil.
  3. Add 150g of raisins and grind for about 25 seconds, until the mixture starts to clump together. You can also add in Chia seeds before this step (which I did!) to give even more of a health kick.
  4. Roll the mixture into small balls, or you can press into a baking tray then cut the mixture into squares once it is set.
  5. Store the balls in a glass jar or tin for up to a month (but we all know they won’t last that long!)It’s such an easy recipe, I wizz it up in just 5 minutes with my incredible Thermomix, but you could also use a blender – it just may take a little longer!
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Deep Condition your Hair with Coconut Oil

Another pampering treat that I love to do on pamper evenings is to lather my hair in coconut oil. Yep, the one you can find in your kitchen cupboard. Whether your hair is curly, dry, or just, well, normal, coconut oil as a hair conditioner is great for growth, smoothness and even (some say) making your hair stronger. I love to lather it on and then tie my hair into a bun, and sometimes I even pop on a shower cap and sleep in the oil too.

Turn your Bathroom into a Sauna

Simply turn on your shower, and run it at its hottest temperature for about 20 minutes. Make sure the plug is in so you don’t waste the water, and while the water is running, add in a few drops of a relaxing oil, like Lavender, Chamomile or Eucalyptus. You can also splash the oil over a warm face cloth, and as you step into the steaming bath, put the face cloth up to your face and take deep breaths of the oil-scented steam. Close your eyes and you could almost be in your favourite spa! Eucalyptus is especially good for clearing the sinuses, and lavender is fabulous at helping you unwind and relax before bed.

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Combine all the above, and you’ll soon be feeling as renewed and energised as if you’d just stepped out of your favourite spa! It’s so important to spend a few minutes each day devoting time to making ourselves feel good – you’ll reap the benefits for a long while afterwards! I absolutely love switching off all of my technology and giving myself a couple of hours on a Sunday evening to enjoy beautiful products and allow myself to chill out – it’s the best way to start the week!

I’d love to know what your tips are for an at home spa day – let me know in the comments below!