4 Products to Fight Summer Blemishes

Fashion Mumblr  Beauty = Four Products to Fight a Summer Breakout

Less Is More

For me, a simple beauty and makeup routine in summer is much more beautiful; bare skin is on display more than any time of year making it more important than ever that we perfect our complexion. Despite the urge to cover up any blemishes with a layer of makeup, it’s absolutely not the best thing to do, instead, reach for a tried and tested product that will gently clear the skin.


My summer skincare routine includes switching in a blemish treating cleanser, whenever my skin needs it. I’ve recently been reaching for the on the days that my skin requires clarification. It targets existing blemishes as well as treating the skin to prevent future break outs by lifting away makeup and impurities, as well as containing Salicylic Acid to clear congested pores. As it’s bareMinerals, I know it will be gentle on my skin with nourishing yet cleansing ingredients including Peppermint and Ginger extracts as well as mineral rich sea salts that calm visible blemishes, leaving any marks looking less angry after my cleanse. This marks the first and arguably most important step to blemish free skin in summer ; a thorough yet gentle and effective cleanse.


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After cleansing, the moisturiser that you choose is also important when it comes to the clarity of Summer skin. Dehydrated skin often leads to skin problems, so choose a product that will quench the thirst caused by warm weather, air conditioning and outside leisure time. A favourite of mine is the , which sinks in almost immediately, and leaves my skin feeling calm, soft and smooth. I trust the moisturiser to not only moisturise, but also to strengthen my skin’s moisture barrier, which means my skin remains hydrated throughout the day, and ingredients such as organic myrtle and vitamin E protect against free radical damage.


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While the cleansing and moisturising part of my routine is wonderful at fighting and preventing blemishes, at certain times of the month in particular, a few will always sneak through! I have two new favourite products that are highly effective at calming any breakouts and treating the skin to prevent more.

In the evenings I apply the new . You already know this if you follow me on Snapchat because I talk about it SO much! I find this very effective at keeping the skin in a bright and fresh condition; the peel off action of the mask sloughs away at dead skin cells, gently pulling them from the skin (yep, it’s as satisfying as it sounds!) to remove dirt and grime that’s built up in the day. With the much-loved ingredient of Coffee Beans as seen in the rest of the GinZing collection, the mask is invigorating – leaving my skin bright, fresh and glowing. As for blemishes, after use they appear smoothed, less angry, and my clearer skin makes it less likely for new ones to appear.

Finally, the most targeted spot treatment. Yours Truly Organics Spot Me treatment is an all in one treatment which treats inflammation, promotes skin rejuvenation, and lowers bacterial growth; all with natural ingredients. I find the gel immediately smooths and reduces the size of the breakout, and after a few uses it’s noticeable improved, leaving my skin looking healthier in no time at all. I apply after cleansing and before my moisturiser routine, and before bed, again before serum and moisturiser. Another favourite is the Origins Spot Remover, it’s stronger and very effective, it can even be a little eye-watering thanks to it’s Salicylic Acid ingredient.



These are the products and routines that work for me, and over the Summer months in particular, I pay close attention to the clarity of my skin, so an effective blemish-banishing routine is more important than at any other time. Needless to say however, having found a routine that works, i’ll be sure to continue it into the cooler months to keep my skin clear.


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I’d love to know what your favourite treatments are for fighting summer blemishes, have you tried any of these products?