The Fragrance Guide for Girls Who Don’t Want to Smell like Everyone Else

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Too much of a good thing?

So many fragrances have become favourites over the years since I first made the jump from body sprays, to proper grown up perfumes. First, it was Ralph Lauren HOT (anyone else?!), then a year or two of mixing with the likes of Juicy Couture, Calvin Klein and Paco Rabanne before I discovered Flowerbomb. Viktor & Rolf’s signature fragrance became ‘my scent’. I must have gone through at least 10 bottles during my early twenties, and friends would say that when they caught a waft of the smell on someone else, it would remind them of me. I loved it. Still to this day I adore the fragrance, but, so does everyone else.

Recently I’ve been enjoying the discovery of new fragrances which smell quite unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. If you like a little mystery to your perfume, this is a little guide for you!

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Hugo Boss – The Scent For Her

Least imaginative name ever, but actually it kind of works coming from a brand known for sleek, professional tailoring; glamour and femininity without the fuss. The bottle is beautiful – a crystal shape which fits perfectly into the hand, filled with a soft pink liquid. Sharp lines seek within the fashion range are also seen in the design  – a silver cap is embossed with the brand name and lifts to reveal the scent inside.

The scent is unlike anything I’ve smelt before – I instantly admire it’s unique notes, but struggle to recognise them. I discover that in fact those warm yet sweet smells are in fact top notes of Honeyed Peach and Freesia, they are likeable from the first spritz, and then settle to a more oriental note of Osmanthus which somehow manages to be light and delicate, while also offering a warm, deep and seductive smell. I can imagine myself wearing this a lot, both day and night, and no one will know what I’m wearing, unless I tell them, that is!

Marc Jacobs – Decadance

Again a scent that’s name truly sums it up. It’s luxurious, with notes of Italian plum, saffron and iris, as well as Jasmine Sambac, Liquid Amber and warm papyrus as the scent settles. The bottle is equally as decadent, almost unnecessarily so (I’ve been tainted by my studies of perfume at university, understanding that most of what you pay for in a perfume is in fact the bottle, and the marketing behind the perfume!!) but it looks brilliant on a dressing table, a nod to Marc Jacob’s fashion creations as the iconic handbag shape is reinvented into a bottle format, complete with luxurious gold chain and black silk tassel.


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The latest of Tom Ford’s Private Blend scents to be revealed, Vert De Fleur is a classic yet modern scent, reminiscent of 70s glamour, opulence and seduction. I must admit, when I first tried it, I wasn’t a fan. It’s only after the scent settled that I began to appreciate the complexity and unusual nature of the fragrance. With iris and hyacinth, it’s floral and green, yet wearable and familiar thanks to neroli, bergamot and basil. Something about the velvety scent makes it incredibly alluring, and whenever I wear it (evenings, mostly) I’m always asked what scent I am wearing.

Available from August 29th, with a 3 month exclusive to Harrods.



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Coach Eau De Parfum

Since studying Coach as a brand while in uni, I’ve adored everything about the American luxury brand. Their urban roots out of New York City, contemporary and cool, while still being a modern classic. Their scent is no different. It is timeless, yet unique. I immediately recognise a creamy rose scent, before detecting notes of raspberry – and a suede musk makes it extremely wearable.

I love to display the bottle – a sturdy glass oval with the signature gold turncock clasp from the Coach bags as the spray, as well as a leather and metal charm to embellish.

Available from August 29th


If you’re looking for a truly special and incredibly unique scent, this is it. While florals in scents are nothing new, Sarah Burton puts her twist on this by creating a scent inspired by the eternal freshness of night flowers – I mean, how McQueen is that?! The essence of three night-blooming flowers is captured in this wearable and distinct scent, with Sambac Jasmine, Tuberose & Ylang Ylang creating an exotic, and somewhat erotic fragrance. The McQueen Parfum is innovative, contemporary and as luxurious as it gets, while the new Eau de Parfum is a more affordable lighter way to own a part of the McQueen scent range.

Discover it at Selfridges, where you’ll be able to learn more about the scent from the passionate and knowledgeable brand ambassadors in store.


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Do you have any unusual fragrance favourites? Have you tried any of these?