The 7 Day Beauty Challenge That Gave Me Superskin


I went all Organic for my skincare and diet for 7 days, here’s what happened…

Typically, I don’t fuss too much about chemicals. I try a wide variety of beauty products for my job, and a lot of them are used on a daily basis – some natural, some not so natural. Either way, my face sees quite a concoction of ingredients all in the name of beauty reviews and tutorials.

I started to wonder why, given the amount of expensive formula that is applied to my face, I still didn’t have good skin. Why was I looking dull, tired? How could I get back my glow?

September is National Organic Month, we’re all being encouraged to give Organic a go, in the hope that we will realise that it’s actually pretty darn tasty/good for us/good for our skin, so I took the plunge and went organic within my skincare and diet for seven days, making lots of swaps to see what all the fuss was about.


Swap #1 – Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner

Ok so I kinda opted for this one because it’s Peppermint and the idea of having hair that smells of peppermint got me a little excited (and not in a Mean Girls ‘her hair smells like a foot’ kinda way) – it’s such a refreshing scent and the range contains a blend of peppermint essential oil, quinoa protein (which is a totally underrated super-ingredient for our skin and hair) calendula, aloe, and vitamin E amongst others, all of which work to build hair’s elasticity, which prevents breakage and strengthens hair. I haven’t been using it long enough to note if it helps with breakage (although I’ve been getting less snap-page while brushing which I guess is a good sign!) but my hair feels and smells great when I use the range – which I love.

Swap #2 Hydrating Cleansing Milk

Can a cleanser really work well if it’s organic? This was my initial thought – but the Avalon Organics Hydrating Cleansing Milk is paraben, sulphate, GMO, synthetic colour and fragrance free, instead using botanics to lift away impurities incredibly gently, and leaving the skin feeling smooth, clean and hydrated. Thanks to the organic ingredients including Vitamin E and white tea, it’s incredibly gentle so does it’s job without any irritation that can lead to redness and unsettled skin.

By day 2 I was already starting to really fall in love with my all-organic routine. Combined with the other swaps and dietary changes, my skin already looked and felt calmer, and my body was loving the effects too.




Swap 3 – Organic Food at the Farmers Market

I was really excited about the challenge of eating organically for a week, as it’s something I’ve been trying to do a lot more, but the challenge of eating only organic really kicked things up a notch.

Organic food can be absolutely scrumptious, but it can take a lot longer to prepare than what you’re used to, so I was really fortunate timing wise to be heading to Devon for a wellness retreat during the first 3 days of my all Organic week. At Yeotown, all the food they serve is organic and sourced locally, and having this delicious organic food prepared for me was an absolute luxury. We enjoyed three course meals that had been prepared before our very eyes, and it got me incredibly excited and itching to create my own organic meals at home.

At the weekend I visited our local farmer’s market to stock up on fresh organic ingredients – I was pleasantly surprised that the value was actually far better than our usual supermarket, and the quality was incomparable. Spinach leave the size of footballs and bags of kale in a deep rich green that I’d never seen in the supermarket aisles, and the taste was just incredible. The only products that were noticeably more expensive were the dairy bits – milk and yogurt were about 50% more than what I usually pay, but worth it when you think of all the rubbish that’s in the milk we get in supermarkets.

I used Madeleine Shaw’s Ready Steady Glow recipe book to whip up some tasty dishes – discovering a new favourite in her ‘Life Changing Tomato Soup’ recipe, and a scrumptious snack which I’ve been nibbling on all week with her Beetroot Crisps.



Swap 4 – H20

Although not what you think of when it comes to going organic, I made a conscious decision to drink more water, especially when I would usually have made myself a coffee, or grab a Ribena or J20 from the fridge. Keeping hydrated is the best thing you can do to your skin, so it’s no surprise that I felt so much better and noticing clearer skin within 3 or 4 days.

I also swapped in organic teas – I was already a fan of Pukka tea, and my organic week was the perfect opportunity to top up my supplies. Their Love Tea, made with organic lavender, chamomile and rose is my current favourite, although I’m slowly making my way through their entire range!


Swap 5 – Intense Defence Moisturiser

I love sticking to a full routine, so the Intense Defence Serum and Moisturiser to match my cleanser and toner were obvious choices – plus I simply can’t resist their zesty scent. The oil free moisturiser gives gentle, non greasy hydration and the antioxidant ingredients give my skin the protection against free-radicals that I’m so conscious of at the moment. As well as protecting against the signs of aging, the whole range balances skin’s Vitamin C levels which encourage the skin’s own defence system to work to it’s best ability.


The Verdict

Sometimes you need to set yourself a challenge in order to create new habits, and going organic this week has converted me. I didn’t really think that making these swaps would make an actual difference on the condition of my skin, but I was wrong! Avalon organics are founded on the believe that beauty comes from the earth, and our skin doesn’t need anything other than what nature can provide, and I’ve certainly found this to be true during my organic week. I’ve not found myself reaching for additional products, nor craving non-organic food – it makes me wonder what the point is to a lot of the things that I mindlessly apply in my previous daily routine.

Will I be going all organic from now on? Well I think that would be hard, given the nature of my work, but without a doubt I’m going to be making a conscious effort to reach for organic over non organic wherever possible, and most definitely I’ll be making a trip to the farmer’s market on a weekly basis – having researched the horrors of what goes into our none organic food, it’s a shopping trip that I’m very willing to make.



I’d love to know if you’ve ever considered going Organic with your skincare and diet, or perhaps you already have? If you’re yet to try a fully organic routine a go, then now’s the time.