The Importance of Pressing Pause


Does this sound familiar?

I’ve always been a fast mover, a busy bee. My mind moves fast and my body follows suit. I like to get things done quickly, multi task, and finding more efficient ways of doing things, or shortcuts brings me huge satisfaction. What I’ve not been so good at, is taking a break, or even pausing between these busy moments.  Recently though, as you’ve probably noticed from a shift in my blog and YouTube content, the importance of these moments where we pause, and enjoy time for ourselves have become increasingly important to me.

That’s what today’s post is about – a reminder to myself, and a few learnings to share with you – of the value of taking the time to press pause between these busy moments. A new launch which fits in perfectly with this philosophy is the Origins RitualiTea powder face mask collection, so read on to discover more about this experiential face mask which you mix yourself, and how I fit this into my busy routine.

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The Importance of Pressing Pause

Taking a break from the constant working / planning / thinking is something that can be applied to many areas of my life. I used to equate stopping, and stillness to unproductiveness, or even laziness. Pausing was a big waste of time, I thought. But after just a few months of taking time out to breathe, meditate and recharge, I now see that it is the greatest way to reset your energy which in the short and long term can actually make you more productive.

Now when I talk about pressing pause I’m not talking about taking a year off work to sip Martinis on a beach in the Maldives (but now that you mention it….) but taking a conscious moment to bring yourself back to the moment that you’re in. This is what mindfulness is all about, and today on my YouTube channel you can see my full mindful morning routine. Pressing pause can be stepping away from your computer for a few minutes of deep breathing, or a well appointed holiday. A favourite way for me to press pause during a busy week is to spend an evening pampering myself, applying a face mask, and meditating while it works it’s magic on my skin.

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Origins RitualiTea Collection

This is where the new RitualiTea mask collection from Origins fits in. A unique concept where part of your pamper routine includes mixing the mask yourself – a therapeutic and satisfying process inspired by tea rituals from around the world. There are three masks within the RitualiTea collection; blends of Oolong La, Feeling Rosy, and Matcha Madness, each with a unique blend of raw natural ingredients including tea leaves, which leave the skin looking and feeling healthy, radiant and restored.

A personal favourite is Matcha Madness. I mix the powder face mask with water to create a foaming mask. I use the Origins Mixing Bowl and their handy tool (both sold separately to the masks) – being careful to add the water slowly – you need less than you may think!!

Once a foam has developed and the powder and water are combined, I use the dual ended mixing tool to apply the mask, and then my Press Pause moment begins.



Both tea and meditation are two practises that go hand in hand. Both are contemplative, slow paced activities that help a high-strung person like myself to wind down. The RitualiTea face mask experience completes the experience and so after application I like to practise meditation for ten minutes, to allow myself to fully unwind, forget about my emails, my to do list and my chores. It’s my time to press pause.

The Matcha and Green Tea within the Matcha Madness mask provides skin with an antioxidant-rich blend of ingredients; green tea is known to relieve stress, improve focus and foster a state of wakeful relaxation. These benefits are enhanced through meditation; increasing mindfulness and alertness – the perfect combination.



Far from being a ‘trend’ or ‘gimmick’ that’s being hyped up a lot at the moment, meditation, mindfulness and pressing pause on our busy daily routines is something which can offer real benefit to us in a time when we are all busier than ever. As well as pampering yourself a few evenings a week, starting each morning with breathwork is a simple and effective way to purify and clear the mind and body. I have found it to be one of the best practices to boost my ability to concentrate, eliminate or reduce stress, and clear my mind. Friends and coworkers ask how I can be so busy, yet so unflustered, and my answer is always that I rely on taking time out, and meditating, even if just for one minute.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried meditation, or if you have another way of pressing pause on your busy schedule. 

Have you discovered the Origins RitualiTea collection yet? You can visit your nearest Origins Counter to get a free sample of the mask, and let me know what you think!


This post is kindly in collaboration with Origins