Can a perfume make you more attractive? Here’s how to choose your perfect scent


What’s the reason you pick up a new fragrance? Well, to smell nice of course! But surely there’s more to it? Well, it turns out that if you delve into the world of fragrance science, it’s actually more to do with our DNA. When hunting out a mate, we look for someone who has different genes to us – so make them better equipped at fighting disease (yep, really – it’s practically Stone Age!)

By choosing a scent that mimicks our genes, we are more likely to find our perfect partner – or so the perfume researchers tell us!!


Joop have released two scents within their Homme range; the Red King and the Black King – both incredibly different scents, and as women we are likely to be strongly drawn to one of the two.

With notes of black pepper, orange blossom and vetivert and a base of leather – Joop Homme Black King is an oriental fragrance and has a sensual scent on the skin. Many of us already know if we love oriental scents or not – it truly is love at first sight, or scent!
The Joop Homme Red King is spicy and woody, with notes including red hot chilli and sweet cinnamon. It’s risky, it’s unusual, but orange blossom blended with patchouli at the heart make it familiar and comforting – instantly likeable.


But how do you choose? How can you tell which scent you’ll be most attracted to? Well, with the help of two kings; the Red King and the Black King both fighting to win the heart of the Queen, here are my tips for discovering how to pick your perfect scent.


  1. Do Your Research!
    Understanding what ingredients you love already will give you a head start. Do you know you love Vanilla? Is Orange Blossom your favourite? See what your current favourite scents are made up of, and these are the notes you should look out for when sniffing out new discoveries.
  2. Smell some scents!
    Spray the products, get them onto your skin. Don’t rub your wrists together as this breaks up the molecules – instead a mist onto the skin (not so close that the skin gets wet), and then walk away. Get out of the shop, away from the other scents floating in the air. Step outside, have a coffee – let it blend with your natural scent. An hour or so later, do you still like it? Does it suit you? Invest the time into discovering how you work together.
  3. Don’t shop with a friend! I know, I know, they have the best intentions but everyone is attracted to different scents – trust your own judgement!
  4. Truly Live With It
    If possible, get a sample of the scent. Take it away and wear it for a few days. You won’t know if it suits you until you’ve worn it for a little while.
  5. Discover if it suits you. A well suited scent is one that you can’t smell on yourself. Crazy but true! If a scent is in balance with your natural scent and DNA, it will be less detectable to you – but those around you will be treated to your new scent.


The Black Kind vs The Red King
Now here’s the fun part. Two Kings are competing for your votes – to be crowned the king of seduction. These kings, Carlos Costa and Ali Gordon have taken to Instagram to try to our hearts, with the help of the Joop scents. Head over to their profiles for some serious eye candy, and let me know which King has won your heart.

By commenting on my instagram photo with either a red or black heart to vote for your king, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win a huge King’s of Seduction gift box!

Has a fragrance ever won your heart? How do you choose your scents?




This post is in Collaboration with Joop!