Current Haircare Favourites + How to Tone Blonde Hair


I’ve finally been able to achieve the hair colour that I’ve been lusting for…

Since spotting a Pinterest image of a girl with the perfect blonde grey tones toward the end of last year, I’ve tried a huge variety of treatments and products to try to recreate the look. The condition of my hair is always a top priority, especially as I colour it so frequently, but having got into a good routine of using deep conditioning masks at least once a week, my locks seem to be in pretty good condition. So, I turned my attention to toning products. I am always thrilled with the colour of my hair after a salon appointment, but the tone has been short lived and within a few days the warm blonde creeps back, and any cool grey toning has vanished from my hair after a couple of washes.

Recently however, I’ve found my perfect combination. A range of products that not only keep my hair in great condition, but also help fight colour fading, and tone to that beautiful shade too. So here are my current haircare favourites, and exactly what makes them so special.

What initially attracted me to this shampoo was it’s promise of neutralising yellow tones, and leaving hair bright and radiant, and that’s exactly what it does. I have tried other toning shampoos that work slightly better at neutralising, but none have left my hair quite so soft and light as this one. Something that makes this product really stand out is its Anti Hard Water ingredients – something which really makes a difference to my locks especially since I live in an area of London especially known for hard water. My hair feels thoroughly cleansed, and is left with a shine and softness that I usually only experience when washing my hair at my mums house – where she has a water softener built in!

Schwarzkopf BlondMe Range

I was first introduced to this range at a photoshoot day with the brand, the products were applied to my hair leaving me with the colour of my absolute dreams! (So many of you left lovely comments about the shade too in this video, which I filmed on the evening after the shoot!) I took away some of the key products, and the ones that have impressed me the most are the Tone Enhancing Spray Conditioner, and the Tone Enhancing Bonding Mask. Combined, and when used with a toning shampoo (I also like the from the BlondMe range) I am able to achieve that cool grey tone without a trip to the salon.

I was surprised that I’d not heard of before, but it makes so much sense! To be able to apply a toning product to wet hair, which also conditions, it truly is a multi tasking product that saves me a lot of time, and really works.

In the shower, once a week or every other wash, I lather the over my hair from root to tip, and leave for about 5 minutes after shampooing my hair. While it works to repair the bonds which can get damaged during a hair colour treatment, I find it doesn’t leave my hair as soft as other conditioning masks, so I usually follow with a deep conditioner too. What it does do, however, is keep my hair strong and toned to that perfect shade too.

That toning combination is what’s keeping my locks this colour, and it’s a combination that I’ll be sticking to for many months to come.

Conditioning Sprays

The final product which I can’t not mention, is my all time favourite conditioning spray – the . If, like me, you struggle with brushing through your hair after washing, and want your hair to feel strengthened and softer after towel drying, then you’ll find this product a true game changer. It works to fill the gaps in the hair’s cuticle, and it leaves my hair feeling strong and soft after use. It protects against heat while also repairing hair over continued use too.

I spray through, and then dry my hair. Equally as fabulous is the hair treatment spray also from Pureology. I mentioned this in my 2016 Beauty Favourites, and it’s a true multi purpose spray that has no less than TWENTY ONE benefits, from priming and protecting hair, to strengthening, smoothing, speeding up the drying time, minimising static, adding shine, and much much more.




Have you tried any of these products before? Or do you have any absolute favourites that you can recommend?

Let me know in the comments below!