Are you doing your Face Mask All Wrong?!

Multi Masking was a big trend last year.

Was it a hype? I don’t think so. It makes sense – when you leave the spa after a professional facial, your skin glows. Your problematic pores have been dealt with, the dull areas have been brightened and those dry areas have been soothed. Your facials has applied a variety of products to different area, based on the skin’s needs, so why did we ever think that one face mask at home would be able to generate similar results?

If, like I used to, you pull out your box of pampering products and ponder over which mask will work that night, you’re already doing it wrong. Most of us have a variety of skin issues, and the solution lies in more than one mask. Doubling up on face masks is so simple, and yet for your skin, it’s a total game changer.

If you suffer from breakouts and dry patches, you need a healing mask, and something oil absorbing. I like to start with a thin layer of a healing mask all over. Multi masking doesn’t have to mean applying different colours and textures to different parts of your face, you can layer them up too. A healing soothing mask will relieve irritated skin and hydrate any areas of dryness. For those problematic oily or blemish prone areas I like to use a mud mask to absorb excess facial oil and hopefully precent future breakouts. I don’t apply this one all over, just to the chin and jawline where personally I find I am most prone to blemishes. Just using a mud mask alone can prove too strong for sensitive or stressed our skin, so by adding a gentle mask first, it helps your skin prepare for the next treatment.

Perfect for this combination is the  it’s creamy and skin quenching with ingredients such as Aloe Vera – I apply generously and leave on the skin for around 5 minutes before tissuing off. The  makes for a perfect mud mask, delivering a deep clean with Amazonian White Clay which pulls toxins and impurities from the pores.

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Even oily skin types can sometimes look dull too, I know after a hectic week where I’ve suffered from stress, tiredness, and too much exposure to pollution, this will certainly be a skincare concern. I like to treat my skin to a radiance boosting mask especially to areas such as my forehead and cheeks. As with the previous combination, I apply this first, tissue off and then apply a clay mask to the entire face when oiliness has been a concern. Focusing on the T-zone, a mineral rich clay mask will help to decongest and absorb excess oil.

Again, the is a favourite for the second mask, while for radiance boosting I reach for the Bobbi Brown Radiance Boost Mask which lightly exfoliates with superfine walnut grain, and nourishes and energies with algae and orange zest.

Have you tried combining your face masks before? What are your favourite combinations?