Five Tips For Choosing The Right Investment Bag

We All Have Weaknesses…

…Mine happen to be Macaroni Cheese, small dogs, strong coffee – oh, and fabulous handbags. Luckily, my obsession hasn’t reached the scale of those ridiculously priced really high end handbags yet, but rather those ones which are investment pieces. High end, yes, but ones that I know I’m going to get a ton of use out of.

Designer bags have such variation on terms of price points, and in today’s post I have some style tips that will hopefully help you find your perfect investment bag. Each of the bags that I own has been carefully chosen, based on it’s longevity, and how many outfits I envisage myself wearing it with. I don’t buy bags to collect them, I buy them to wear them. For me, a successful handbag purhcase is one that leads to many, many wears. Price per wear is my favourite way of justifying a designer purchase.

So how to choose the right bag for you? Read on for my tips.

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Quality over Quantity

Sounds obvious, but if you’re looking for an investment bag, it’s absolutely essential that you search for quality. The best you can afford. You don’t want your bag to be delicate and precious, because you’ll be too scared of damaging it, and won’t use it to the maximum. I like to go for bags bad of pebbled leather, or saffiano leather (the kind of leather used on most Michael Kors bags), or even just a slightly more structured leather as opposed to super soft buttery leather – which I know will easily mark or get scratched. Equally, be wary of suede and light colours. If you love wearing jeans and dark colours, then colours from your clothing can really damage these kinds of bags. One of the bags which I have worn SO much, and yet it still looks brand new is my, thanks to the structured, treated leather.

Leather Forever

Leather is truly a great material as it ages so so well. I have Mulberry bags that are almost a decade old, and they really do look better as they grow older. It’s a great choice for an investment bag, especially if it’s a timeless style, or something like a holdall or luggage type bag. If you’re looking for a tote, the kind of bag to throw your laptop, notebooks, etc etc in, then leather is really the only material you should consider.

Keep it Neutral

If, like me, you want to get as much wear out of your bag as possible, you want it to go with as many outfits as possible. I am always included to go for neutrals such as brown, black & white, or pink. Yes, I classify pink as a neutral because I know that somehow or other, there will always be some pink running through my outfit. Neutral bags will remain classic, the colour will never go out of style, and they can be paired with almost anything. Choose the right bag, and it will complement many looks – from jeans and a Tee to your favourite black dress.

Opt for Structure

I’ve learnt the hard way about choosing bags that are well structured. My first designer bag was a Mulberry Bayswater. I adored it and used it every single day for over a year. Sadly now though, it looks a little sad. It’s gone all floppy and has totally lost its shape. I’ve seen friends and fellow bloggers recently investing in the new Gucci Marmot bag, and already it has lost it’s shape. Whether you gravitate towards large or small, leather or fabric; well structured bags will be more able to withstand daily wear, and retain their shape. The last thing you want is a saggy handbag, so look for one made of a slightly more ‘stiff’ reinforced material (like the ) or one with a well structured shape (like the in this post).

Avoid large patterns and logos.

I mean, yeah, the GG on this bag is kind of obvious, but it’s not offensive. Trends come and go, and when splashing out on a designer bag you need to think long term. Yes, go for a statement piece from a reputable label, but try to stay away from big, brash logos that scream the place of purchase. It’s far more chic to go for something subtle that will withstand the test of time. What I love about my Bulgari bag is that there is no logo, but those in the know will instantly recognise the brand. It’s like an exclusive designer club – when you know, you know.

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General Handbag Tips

Treat it well and it will last forever – keep your dust bag and use it for storage. If possible, stuff the bag too when you’re not using it, so that it retains it’s shape.

Protect the material. Especially if your bag is suede, make sure it is treated properly before you wear it out.

Protect the lining. My Mulberry fell victim to a nail varnish spillage (I KNOW) so I learnt the hard way – take it from me, and ensure all liquids or cosmetics are kept in a separate, small makeup bag within your bag.

Care for your bag. Don’t touch it with makeup fingers or after applying hand cream. Use a suede brush or leather cleanser regularly.

What are your tips for investing in a luxury bag?