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A Spring Skincare Switch Up

It finally feels as though Winter is drifting away, and as with every change in the season, I like to reevaluate my skincare routine to ensure that it’s still perfectly matching my skin’s needs. Over the past few months I’ve become  a lot more aware of the ingredients I’m applying to my face, and I’m trying to keep them as natural as possible. So, unsurprisingly, a few of the products that are within my pre-spring beauty routine are based on organic or natural remedies, but without compromising on effectiveness.

Above, to the right is the. I almost forgot to include this as it lives in my gym bag; I apply over a clean face after a workout, and leave it to work it’s magic for a minute or two as I prepare to shower.  It’s a super fine resurfacing facial scrub, that also can be left on the skin for a few minutes for the lactic acid to remove dead skin cells. The texture is lightweight and grainy leading to a lovely exfoliating effect which is still gentle on the skin. I am a big fan of Pixi as a whole, their formulas are always innovative and effective with a natural ethos.

The Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton High Definition Oil is another favourite, and this one is 100% natural. I would compare this to Sunday Riley’s Luna oil, and not just because of the blue colour, but also the results that I see. My skin feels soothed and yet elasticity is restored and my skin looks plump and glowing. Used over the long term, it can help skin retain a youthful appearance as the seahorse plankton micro algae works toward reducing wrinkles and protecting the skin. It’s also tested on humans (never animals!) and is suitable for all skin types, and vegans too. It’s exclusive to Holland & Barrett.


Aveda is a brand that I adore, all their products have great stories behind them, and oh wow do they smell amazing! My latest obsession is the ; a new launch this year, it’s a saviour to those of us who suffer dehydration around the eye area. It’s designed to be applied overnight while the skin resets itself, allowing you to wake up with bright ‘wedding-day’ skin around the eyes the following morning. Over time it firms the skin, but at the moment I’m just loving the ingredients (97% naturally derived) including plant stem cells and organic apricot seed oil which support the skin’s natural repairing processes. My eye area is left radiant, and I can’t ignore the fact that it smells heavenly thanks to the certified organic jasmine, chamomile and grapefruit oil, all of which are known in ancient Ayurvedic traditions to balance the skin, mind and spirit. Amen to that!

I’d been looking for a gentle toner for a while, and one day while rummaging through my ‘Must Try’ box of products, I found the . The ingredients sounded dreamy; conditioning Marshmallow, brightening Mulberry and even hyaluronic acid to plump the skin, it sounded like the perfect combination. I apply the toner via a soaked cotton pad after cleansing my skin; it lifts any remaining impurities and the additional ingredients such as White Tea also offer antioxidant protection to my skin – an essential for city dwellers! The gel-like formula feels hydrating and softening to my skin, instead of harsh and stripping like many toners that I’ve tried in the past, leaving my skin totally clean yet radiant and glowing too.


As we edge closer to the summer months, naturally SPF is top of my skincare agenda. This year, I’m trying to keep to a minimum facial SPF of 50; let’s face it, a facial tan simply never lasts, and we will thank ourselves in years to come when the wrinkles are kept at bay, if we start protecting our skin now. , and protects the skin against both UVA and UVB rays (those that damage the skin, and cause aging). Far more than just an SPF, it smooths the skin leaving it ready for a perfect makeup application, and is fast absorbing too; no need to hang around while it sinks in. My skin looks luminous after application, and calmed too thanks to the antioxidant ingredients. There’s a delicate light fragrance which makes it a luxurious pleasure to apply, and the handy packaging means it’s easy to pop in any travel bags too.

Something that I’m often asked my opinion on is Skin Supplement tablets. This is another product that I’m trying to stick with this season to see if they make much difference, as previously I’ve started a packet and then totally forgotten about them. I take vitamin supplements as part of my daily routine (see my Healthy Morning Routine video here) but now I’m trying out some proper collagen skin supplements in the hope that they will help refine my pores and improve my skin’s elasticity. I’ve gone for the Purelogical Peptide Skin Supplements; they’re fairly affordable at £39.99 for 90 tablets, and I’ve heard great things from fellow bloggers. With promises to visibly decrease wrinkles (well, I don’t have any major ones yet but if they can help keep it that way I’ll be happy!) and boost collagen synthesis, I’m intrigued to see what long term benefits these may have on my skin. Stay tuned.


I’m going to start off by telling you the price of this face mask as a kind of disclaimer. It’s crazily expensive at £120 *GASP I KNOW* so for that price I was practically expecting a brand new face when I washed off the clay goodness. There are lots of clay masks on the market at the moment, and to be honest I am often very pleased with the results I get from affordable ones such as the Origins Clear Improvement mask, but yes, this one really is a step above the rest. The includes raw and purified clays packed full of minerals such as copper, magnesium, calcium and zinc all of which heal and hydrate the skin. The clay draws impurities from the skin so perfect for us city dwellers, and leaves the skin bright and even looking. Unlike other clay masks, it is a delightfully hydrating creamy formula and it doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight with a drying, cracking effect. I’ve been reaching for this when my skin is stressed and tired looking for an instant healing effect; it works like the skin’s own metabolic process to boost the healing process leaving you with a visibly healthier complexion.

Let’s be honest here ; would I spend £120 of my own cold hard cash on this? (I was VERY lucky to be sent this as a press sample) Well, if money was no object then yes without a doubt. With my current financial situation, no I wouldn’t – but this mask was created for those that like to seriously splurge on their skincare, and when it comes to masks there really is no where better to splurge than here.

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These are the new pieces I’ve been enjoying using as part of my pre-spring Skincare Routine, have you added in any new products into your routine lately?