Why I Can’t Wait To Travel This Summer & My Travel Plans

Let’s Fly

I don’t know about you, but this ‘heat spell’ that we’ve been blessed with here in the UK recently has got me dreaming about my Summer holiday plans. Yes, we are so very fortunate to be able to spend our lunch breaks in the heavenly sunshine, enjoy that crisp glass of Rosé on a rooftop bar or balcony while the sun remains warm late into the evening, but sometimes those snippets purely act as a temptation – and they tease us by showing us what we could be enjoying – if only we weren’t chained to our desks!

Now a lot of friends and family even think that because I’m my own boss, I can spend most of the day lounging in the garden when it’s 27 degrees outside. Well, sadly that’s not the case. If you watched today’s video you may have heard me admit that the reason that I come across hot and flustered was because I was filming in a 26 degree room – yep – even when it’s tropical temperatures outside, we’ve got videos to film, photos to edit, emails to answer, posts to write and *all the admin* to do, so even us freelancers are also chained to our desks when the sun shines.

Which is why my trip to Spain this week couldn’t be coming at a better time. I’m already visualising my holiday wardrobe, that glass of Sangria in the sun, and some blissful moments away from my laptop. It’s been several years since I last visited the country and yet it’s always been one that’s close to my heart – my Brother is half Spanish, and my mum lived in Spain for almost 20 years. Many happy childhood holidays were spent in Spain but I’m looking forward to visiting now as a ‘grown up’ and hopefully seeing another side to this beautiful country.

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With millions of Brits visiting Spain every year, there’s no denying the desirability of the beautiful country. Whether you’re hoping to soak in the culture on a city break or simply make the most of the sunshine on the beaches, there’s plenty to do. I remember spending many holidays on the Costa Dorada visiting theme parks (who else has braved Dragon Khan at Port Aventura?!) and discovering hidden tapas bars in the picturesque side streets of Cambrils, as well as strolling through the shopping streets and Las Ramblas in Barcelona.

As well as the sun, sea and sand that many of us associate with Spain, there’s a whole lot more to experience than just a beach holiday. That’s what my upcoming trip will be about; the culture, the art, the history and the cuisine. I’ll be experiencing Madrid – the capital city – and while there won’t be a beach in site, I’m looking forward to discovering more about what Spain is truly about.

From the Spanish National Art Museum to the Prado National Museum and the Royal Palace of Madrid, there’s plenty of art and culture to be found in the capital. I hope to make the most of the stunning courtyards and parks during the warm afternoons and of course sample some of the local tapas bars!

What are your favourite places in Spain? Do you have any tips for me?

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