Making the Most of Every Moment

And how to stop wasting your time…

Sometimes you just have to escape from the constant bustle of the city and hectic work life to be able to take a step back and evaluate your priorities. Our generation especially feel the need to constantly be achieving certain goals and have done specific things by a certain age, as though we have an expiry date. Well it’s simply not the case. Today’s post was inspired by this though provoking short film created by SK-II, which tells the tale of three women from three different countries as they showcase the unspoken timelines that they feel society places on their lives. Focusing on age related pressure in Asia, but also recognising this problem all over the world, the video made me think about ways that we can stop wasting our time, and enjoy every moment, free from the pressures of what burdens society may try to enforce on us.

Five Ways to Stop Wasting Your Time…

Realising where we often waste our time is important. By cutting out these five things we are not only saving the precious minutes or hours that they take up, but also achieving a cleaner and more positive mindset. These are five things we do that hold us back and create negativity, so why not try cutting out;

Self Comparison – I know I’m guilty of this, I think we all are. We always hear comparative sentences like ‘You should be more like this..’ and thoughts like this never fail to make us feel second best. Once we start comparing ourselves to others, it’s a downward spiral. Of course, admiring another woman because she is successful and totally smashing it is never a bad thing – but there’s a difference between celebrating other women’s achievements, and then comparing them to our own. Use others success to inspire and motivate you, when you start to focus on yourself, you can totally smash it too!

Feeling Sorry for Yourself… Something I picked up from SK-II’s short film was that no one is going to pull you out of a hole of negativity and self pity. Only you can do that. Feeling sorry for yourself takes up a lot of time and fills us with negative energy but allowing ourselves to wallow in misery only causes more misery. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but finding that one simple thing to pick you up again (for me it’s meditation and spending time with my puppies..) means you can get up and go, not let life pass you by – and not allowing yourself to waste any more time!

Gossiping! It’s something we’ve all been guilty of, especially when we were younger. We want to know those juicy details of other people’s lives and sometimes see it as bonding to reveal others secrets – but it’s important to remember how it feels when someone is gossiping about us… The moment you realise the importance and benefits of uploading and inspiring other women instead of seeing them as competition, your mindset on gossiping will change. What benefits are there truly to spreading negative energy about others? It only comes back to you as further negative energy. Instead, spread positivity and empowerment instead, that in return will find it’s way back to you.

I’d love to know how you feel about making the most of every moment, and if watching the SK-II short film inspires you as it did for me. It’s refreshing to see a beauty brand spreading such an important message and creating such empowering stories for women, using their reach and trusted reputation for such fantastic reasons.

Photos taken at Carlisle Bay – Antigua by Jay McLaughlin using the Olympus PEN EPL 8 & 17mm lens.

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This post has been created in collaboration with SK-II