The Savvy Girls Guide to Shopping

What Type of Shopper are You?

Some of my friends are the type of girls that will bookmark the likes of ASOS, Topshop, Net-a-Porter and a careful curation of others, and then add the latest arrivals of their liking to their baskets and select the next day shipping option. Voila! The next day a bundle of new wardrobe pieces arrives, and their online shopping is accomplished.

Others of us will savour the experience a little bit more. We enjoy the hunt! I like to think of myself as a seasoned online shopper (it’s kind of part of my job description, right?!) and over the years I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way.

Why online? You may ask. I frequently get asked especially on YouTube why I’ve chosen to do my shopping online instead of instore, and there are a few key reasons. Firstly – time. We are all busy and shopping can easily take up a huge chunk of your day. Add into that the agonising waits when you have to ask a staff member to check for your size (this happens on an all too regular basis as I seem to be the most popular size which is NEVER in stock on the shop floor) and then the dreaded queue for the fitting room. I’m the type of person who admittedly gets anxious when I’m not doing something productive, so wasting precious moments like this just waiting turns shopping into a stressful experience.

Secondly, having to carry things around! I rarely now go out for a shopping ‘trip’ so it’s more likely that I’m whizzing into a shop to have a browse in between meetings. This then means that should I make a purchase, I have to lumber around a big shopping bag for the rest of the day. I’d much rather have something delivered straight to my door, in my size, and be able to try in the comfort of my own home.

Of course I still do enjoy the shopping experience of walking down a highstreet, especially when living in London means I am surrounded by flagship stores, all of which are battling with each other to create the best experience; the most on-brand showroom to excite and entice new customers. I adore the theatre of it all, but that’s all it is. A showroom, and the purchases are made online.

So without further ado, here are some helpful hacks to finding your size, the best price, and just generally winning at internet shopping!


Make The Most of Your Tech!

Our mobile phones make our lives easier in so many ways, and shopping is no exception! A new app launch; EyeFitU is a total game changer when it comes to choosing fashion in your own size, especially for us shopaholics who tire of not being able to find our correct sizes in store.

When I’m shopping online, it’s heartbreaking when you fall in love with a style, click through to buy, and then see it’s not available in your size. You waste time and end up falling for pieces that you’ll never be able to own. By shopping through the app however, you can focus on picking pieces that suit your style without the worry of it not being available in a size to suit you.

Taking just moments to set up, it’s revolutionised the online shopping experience by removing the doubt over sizing. No more queues at the fitting room while you anxiously wonder if you’ll be able to squeeze into the smaller size because it’s the only one left in stock, instead, only the sizes that work for you are shown, and you can try in the comfort of your own home.

I put the app to the test by challenging myself to find the perfect date night outfit in twenty minutes on a nearby highstreet, but fitting room queues and unclear pricing (not to mention a messy shop floor) caused no ends of delays, and I left empty handed after the time was up. Twenty minutes on the EyeFitU app though was a different story, my favourite brands displayed clearly on screen, sales offers, trend focuses and all in my size.

Having chosen my look with no worry in my mind about sizing, all I had to do was wait for the postman the next day, and it was time to try!

In less than the time it takes me to finish a cup of coffee, I had chosen a perfect #ootd for a day to night look. When it comes to dresses, I am often between sizes, especially depending on different styles and silhouettes, but upon recommendation from EyeFitU I selected a 6 which was absolutely perfect. I’d been hunting for a perfect summer dress for weeks but had no luck finding the popular style in my size on the highstreet, but on the initial check online using the app, I hit the jackpot! A beautiful Topshop dress, chosen through the app; the fit is perfect; I predict that this is an #ootd you’ll be seeing a lot of in upcoming pics on the ‘gram!

The floral design, elegant length and perfectly fitting bodice means that the dress not only ticks off some of Summer’s most wearable trends, but it’s also a style I’m comfortable wearing not just for date night, but for plenty of other summer occasions. You guys know me – I am all about that price per wear!

If you want to ensure your outfit is perfectly on trend or you want to find some inspiration for your #ootd, the home page on the app has plenty of inspo for you. My home page is currently displaying 1980s beach trends and it’s making me want to hit the beach STAT! If you’re not quite ready to make the splurge or you want to bookmark a brand for later, you can add to your favourites. Just like when shopping on the highstreet, this means you can skim past the stores that you don’t love, and only see the products that will be of interest to you.

Think about Multi Use Garments

For me, price per wear is so important when I shop so I like to know I can get lots of uses out of what I buy! My new outfit from EyeFitU is one that I can dress up or down, for example for this look all I have to do is swap in some heels instead of casual sandals, upgrade my bag to a chic clutch, and choose a statement lippie to turn this into a sophisticated outfit that’s perfect for the evening.

Don’t Speed Shop!

If my shopping challenge with EyeFitU taught me anything, it was to avoid speed shopping at all costs! This is even more important if you’re looking for something specific. If you’re stressed out you’re more likely to rush into making a poor decision causing you to potentially waste money on something you won’t feel comfortable in. Trying on is a laborious task, so using shopping apps to enable you to try on at home is likely to lead to much more informed decisions on what to keep, and what to return. Plus, you can try your new pieces on with things in your current collection to see how it fits with your wardrobe and accessories.

Body Positivity!

When things don’t fit you right it’s easy to think of your body in a negative way – but don’t! Clothing is mass produced in only a select number of sizes, where as our bodies are all totally unique. If something doesn’t suit, it’s not your body that’s wrong, it’s the clothes – so try not to let it get you down!

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What are your tips for being a savvy shopper?

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