FIVE FAVOURITES – July Beauty Edition

Hello my darlings…

It’s been a little while since I shared some beauty favourites with you, and over the past few weeks a few new pieces have really caught my eye and seriously impressed me, so I thought I’d share them with you today. You could say, I’d got myself into a skincare rut in Spring and early Summer, I knew what I liked, and I didn’t really switch it up, I needed to be really impressed by something in order for it to make it’s way into my daily routine. When it comes to cleansers, on a daily basis I haven’t strayed to far from for as long as I can remember now – it first featured on the blog way back in 2014 here (do we think my blog photography has improved BTW?!?!) At the moment I’m using the Grapefruit & Patchouli version. I’ve mentioned it on my YouTube channel many times before but as it’s something I use so regularly, and not exactly a break through, it’s been a while since it’s had it’s moment in the spotlight here on the blog. And yet, it’s something I use and love everyday so it has to be number one for my favourite beauty products of July. It’s a rich and indulgent cleanser which is gentle yet incredibly effective – you all know how it works by now, but the fragrance of Grapefruit and Patchouli is both fruity and woody at the same time, it smells utterly luxurious and is an absolute pleasure to use.

Another favourite this month has been a product that entices me to enjoy a moment for myself. No technology, just a book or a magazine, and a half hour to totally switch off once a week or more. It’s the Bramley Lavender Flower, Geranium and Spearmint bath salts which smell SO good you want to carry a little pouch of them around with you to inhale whenever you’re feeling stressed (in fact, that’s not a bad idea…). After such a luxurious bathing experience, it seems only right to continue the indulgence, so my next favourite is the Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Hydrating Emulsion. If you know the , you’ll be able to imagine the sheer bliss of applying the fragrance directly to the skin. As you’d expect from Tom Ford, the sensation of the product is a sumptuous one that feels like a luxurious body treatment each and every time you apply it, and the heavenly light Summer fragrance lingers on the skin for hours and hours after application (it also makes you smell DI-VINE if you combine with the actual Orchid Soleil perfume too).

For the face, with the amount of travelling I’ve been doing this month, hydration for the skin has been top of my agenda. The has been an essential for me; without which my skin feels tight and parched, and in need of a glow boost. When my skin is hydrated, everything works better. My makeup looks more fresh, my skin is more comfortable, I feel far better about my appearance, and of all the hydrating serums I’ve tried (which is a LOT) this one from La Mer has made the greatest change to my complexion. The light consistency and delicate cooling sensation quench and refresh the skin from the instant you apply it, and it takes a minute or two to be absorbed by thirsty skin (as opposed to other hydrating serums I’ve tried that seem to vanish straight away). The signature La Mer blend of sea sourced active ingredients and blend of algae ensure the skin is hydrated all day and is also gradually repaired and energised – so radiant and youthful skin is also a long term benefit of this heavenly product.

Finally, something that really surprised me. I’m not a big eyeliner wearer, in fact in Summer months I barely touch the stuff, but the liner really impressed me. Firstly, it’s a pleasure to use. No sloppy liquid getting everywhere it shouldn’t, no shiny line while you wait 5 minutes for it to dry, oh no. Everything that I usually despise about eyeliner has been transformed by this launch. It has long hold, a matte finish, and a highly precise applicator. I can do a fine line in just a matter of seconds and it’s comfortable to both apply and wear. It comes in black, brown and navy, with the brown shade being top of my wishlist for a softer finish. Who knows, could this be the product that converts me back to eyeliner!?

Those are my five beauty favourites from the month of July, what have you been loving this month?