How To Wear White this Summer

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It’s no surprise that I love white…

If you’ve been following my Instagram while I’ve been in Provence, then you may have noticed a distinct takeover when it comes to a certain colour in my holiday wardrobe; white of course. But whether abroad or in the UK, I keep going back to the classic neutral shade. You could say that for me, white is the colour I feel most comfortable in, like so many people feel about black. White however is notoriously hard to wear, so I thought I’d share a few tips on how to look fabulous in a white outfit of the day. Before I jump into that though, a few words about this #ootd because, let’s face it, isn’t it just the dream!? This white Broderie Summer Dress has been one of my most worn and most loved dresses of Summer. As soon as I saw it I fell in love, everything about it is perfect from the fit to the length to the beautiful broderie fabric. It’s in the sale at the moment too so don’t hang around if you fancy it for yourself!

I paired the dress with standout accessories and you’ll find out why when I share my tips for wearing white, but these Jimmy Choo x MyTheresa shoes are such a standout piece that they look absolutely striking against the white dress. The classic Romy pumps have been given a dazzling coating of glitter which gives a luxe finish to the outfit of the day, the perfect eye-catching finish to a one-colour dress and an instant way to update the look for a party!

Another luxe touch is my Valentino bag. Possibly my most used bag of all time, proving to be the greatest price per wear, this classic bag adds instant luxury to an outfit, and works so well as a darker metallic shade against the white. Finally, I chose simple and elegant jewellery; my usual Monica Vinader bracelets and also a new pair of white and gold earrings from Topshop. It’s been a while since I wore hanging earrings like this, but this pair just seemed to pull the whole look together absolutely perfectly.

4 Tips for Wearing White

Firstly, it’s all about the fit.

White outfits should be chic, so get your outfit tailored if it doesn’t already fit you perfectly. What I love about shopping from premium high street stores is that a little extra attention has been given to the fit, so often you won’t need to alter the pieces. This Karen Millen dress fits in all the right places, but if it didn’t, it would probably cost me about £30 at a local tailor to get it pinned and tucked in the right way.

Beware! White can be boring.

So you need to play with textures and other colours throughout your #ootd. Again, the texture of the fabric for this dress stops it being too plain, and the metallic and sparkling accessories make sure that this outfit is far from being dull. Try adding pops of colour, or look for white garments made from interesting fabrics, or with unusual silhouettes.

Add drama to your white garments.

Following on from the above point, white doesn’t have to be dull. One of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe is this white jumper with floral sleeves; the pattern and three dimensional effect of the sleeves create such a statement, yet as it’s a neutral white shade, it’s just so wearable.

Show off your Tan!

But choose one that won’t come off on your clothes! I recently put the Tan Luxe ‘The Water’ to the test by wearing a white dress immediately after applying, and was incredibly impressed to find that while my skin changed to a gorgeous tanned shade, my white dress stayed white. Look for garments that show a pop of skin, such as your chest and arms like this dress, or perhaps an off the shoulder white top to frame bronzed shoulders.

How do you feel about wearing white? Do you have any more tips to share? Let me know in the comments below!


Dress by Karen Millen

Shoes by Jimmy Choo

Bag by Valentino

Bracelets by Monica Vinader

Earrings by Topshop

Necklace by Monica Vinader

Tan by Tan Luxe