The Styling Range that Saved my Bleach Blonde Hair

Bleaching your Hair is Addictive

And I don’t want to be an addict any more. Bleaching, for me, wasn’t addictive because I yearned for a full hair of colour, oh no, it was addictive because it was the easy option. The contrast between my natural hair colour and the bright bleached locks was not a look that suited me (it looks so cool on others but on me? Messy, uncared for.) and so I regretfully would sit in the hairdressers chair and ask for a bleach root top up every time. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it up, my hair was suffering, and I knew deep down that the all over colour didn’t suit me at all.

Over the past few months, I’ve finally gone into bleach rehab. I’m treating my hair better, and I’m getting soft highlights to tone down the harsh contrast between the bleach and my natural hair colour. I still look like I have ‘roots’ because of the dramatic colour difference and ‘block colour’ of the bleach, and I’ll have that for years, but each time I visit the salon, we highlight my roots, and tone down the overall colour of my hair, and slowly but surely, we are getting there.


Salon visits are only half the story. How you care for your hair at home as just as much of an impact, and us bleached girls know that our hair needs nourishing. That’s where my saviours; Catwalk by TIGI come in. When my hair needed replenishment the most, I discovered the Oatmeal & Honey range. Formulated with acacia honey, wheat protein and vitamin E, it’s created to smooth dry and damaged hair (two of the side effects that bleach addicts will likely be suffering from) as well as moisturise and add shine to the hair to leave it feeling soft and silky.

I use the shampoo and conditioner every time I shower, and the thicker, more luxurious hair masque once a week. It’s a treat to my locks and now, to be without it I’d undoubtedly suffer withdrawal symptoms; instead of the bleach, it’s now the silky hair feeling and shine that I’m craving – a far healthier addiction. Over time, my hair is starting to regain it’s long lost lustre. Finally, I can gently brush through after washing without worrying that I’m going to break my hairbrush! The range helps to prevent frizz and of course is safe for colour treated hair too; so whether you’re a bleach addict or just livening up your locks with highlights, this range will work for you.

My daily haircare routine is usually quite simple. I’m actually pretty lazy with my hair (don’t tell anyone!!) and like to spend a little longer blow drying it well, and then quickly styling before heading out. While  blowdrying, I like to use a Root Boost spray to help my hair retain volume until the next wash, and I spritz the Catwalk by TIGI Root Boost Spray finely over my roots to give long lasting thickening and volumising effects. I have a strong dislike for anything that weighs my hair down and don’t like the look of having a head of hair full of products, so am thankful to have found a spray that is so fine in texture and doesn’t add noticeable product to my hair. The only thing I do notice however is hair that looks and feels lifted and supported; perfect for any styles that I then go on to create.

My finishing touch is always a fine misting of hairspray. The Catwalk by Tigi Work It hairspray is great for not only my ‘sleek’ styles such as a polished ponytail or high bun, but also those more relaxed styles that I tend to opt for on a day to day basis. Rather than fixing the hair into a rigid set position, it lightly holds the hair meaning that my style stays in place, but the movement is still natural. It brushes out with just a few swipes of the brush, and has a gorgeous fragrance too; basically everything I need in a hairspray. Winner.


Have you ever tried the Catwalk by TIGI hair range? Or have you been looking for a range to help with your bleached locks? Let me know your hair experiences down in the comments section below!

Discover more from Catwalk by TIGI via their YouTube channel here or discover the range in person by visiting your closest salon.

Thanks so much to TIGI for collaborating on this post, and for introducing me to the range that finally helped me with my recovery, I’ll be forever grateful!