Small Changes I’m Making This September to Up My Game

2017 has been my best year yet.

When it comes to work achievements, I’ve hit milestones I never thought possible (100,00 subscribers on YouTube, WHAT?! And now rapidly approaching 200k!!) and 2017 has finally been the year that I became passionate about fitness and really stuck to a routine. The greatest change this year truly has been my mindset. I began speaking about how I was changing the way I thought at the end of last year, and how by thinking positively and being grateful, you naturally attract more positivity to come your way, and it’s that mindset that I believe I have to thank for the things that I’ve achieved this year.

Now that I’m back from my Summer holiday (yes, I took a real holiday, and I actually switched off!), reality is kicking back in as that whimsical Summer feeling comes to an end. September for me always feels like an electric, buzzing time of year with a sense of renewed energy in the air – perhaps dating back to when we were at school or university, and a new academic year meant that you could reinvent yourself and become the person you wanted to be (or at least buy some new snazzy stationary and feel like the absolute boss because of it!).

That’s why it is now that I’m choosing to kick start some new healthy habits – why wait till the new year? I’m ready to make even more positive changes now, I guess you could call them my ‘mid-way resolutions’.


Keeping my Fitness On Track

Something that’s important to me, but that I want to be able to include seamlessly into my daily routine is fitness. Let’s face it, I’m never going to be one of those types that bounds out of bed eager to hit the gym, but having a personal trainer this year (and a boyfriend that drags me out of bed to work out with him a few times a week) has most definitely helped.

Keeping fit is probably the number one goal on top of everyone’s New Year’s resolution list, but who wants to start a new workout routine in the dark days of Winter? Not me. I’m starting my new routine now and one way of getting myself psyched up for working out is a new form of fitness, and some beautiful new kit!

Thanks to this ultra flattering kit from Sweaty Betty, the latter is taken care of, and as for finding a new form of fitness, I was challenged by Robinsons to try out something a little bit different. They want to help people make healthier choices and help us quench our thirst while on the go with their absolutely scrumptious new Refresh’d drinks which I first discovered back in May (you might have spotted me first trying them in this video!). If, like me, you find water just a tad boring but you know the importance of keeping refreshed especially while working out, you’ll love their mix of spring water and real fruit – the ingredients are 100% naturally sourced and there’s only 55 kcal in the bottle.

With my gym bag fully stocked, I decided to try out some Barre classes. The exercise classes known to help dramatically improve strength and definition sounded right up my street, and after just one session, I was hooked. I’ve now tried a couple of different classes in London but I’m also adding the workouts into my daily routine with workouts that I find on YouTube – this is a key solution to helping me stick to my new workout discovery. The barre exercises work your entire thigh area, as well as your bum, abs, arms and back. Each muscle group is thoroughly strengthened giving definition in muscles that are often underused.

Over the past two weeks of practising, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in endurance. Each barre class provides different movements but by slowly tightening and contracting the muscles in different ways, over time the stamina and endurance is improved. Of course my go to refreshment after each class? Refresh’d! The drink is available in three flavours; Apple & Kiwi, Raspberry & Apple and Orange & Lime, which I switch between after each class.

Organising my Work Life

Reminiscing to the time when September was the time of year when I’d treat myself to a new school diary, and colour code my timetable (varying shades of pink of course), I’m taking the time this year to do the adult version. Ok, that still includes new stationary and organising my diary, but it also means taking the time to deep cleanse my inbox and get on top of things before moving on to new projects. Thanks to a new content calendar and organised diary, I’m able to be more efficient with my time, so why not spend an afternoon getting your admin and calendars in order – you’ll soon reap the rewards!

Learning to Cook Healthier Meals

Like most people, I tend to eat lighter in the Summer. There’s more fresh and tasty produce available, and warm days don’t tempt me to dive into a heavy dish. Having said that, I’m addicted to comfort food so this year, with Charlie’s help, I’m trying to make some small changes to switch up those comfort foods into something a bit more nourishing. Take Cottage Pie for example; we are switching the starchy potatoes for Sweet Potato – an instant way to lower the calories. I’m also regularly taking the time to make healthy snacks; I’ve mentioned them previously on my YouTube channel but my ‘Beauty Bombs’ as I call them satisfy my sweet cravings, but secretly are filled with superfoods! Of course another way of reducing my calorie intake is switching from sugary drinks with or between meals to the low calorie Refresh’d.

Make Home Improvements

That sense of renewed energy at this time of year also extends to the home, as well as the fact that I can’t resist the beautiful autumnal interior pieces in the shops at the moment! This time of year is great for making improvements to the home; it is still bright and sunny (some days!) but not too hot that you’re breaking a sweat just by moving the sofa! I’m making the most of my weekends by having a BIG clear out, so keep an eye on my Depop to pick up some fashion bargains!



How are you upping your game this September? Will you be making any Mid-Way resolutions? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you to Robinsons for sponsoring this post, discover their new Refresh’d drink here.