Spring in Vienna

Spring In Vienna – What I Wore

I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with Vienna quite as much as I did. The city itself is fairly small, but absolutely spectacular. It felt as though every building was a palace, and with such regal architecture, I couldn’t resist snapping hundreds of #ootd photos! If you’re following me over on Instagram then you’re probably bored beyond believe of this cute little #ootd because I simply can’t stop sharing photos of it! But yet I couldn’t resist sharing it on the blog too, as well as all of the details.

I wanted something warm and yet chic – to explore the city in comfort, but also be ready to snap an outfit shot whenever the opportunity should arise! I truly find heels more comfortable than flats (please let me know if you’re the same – surely I can’t be alone?!) and my mules from Reiss (although a few seasons old) are my absolute favourites for days when I know I’ll be on my feet a lot, but also want a flattering height boost. We packed hand luggage only, so layering was really important when it came to selecting which items I took with me, especially as we couldn’t be sure how chilly or warm it would be. Despite the sunshine, it rarely went over 5 degrees while we were in the Austrian capital, so my long wool Reiss coat and Topshop scarf were very much necessities.

I took my favourite new pair of pink culottes and my trusty oversized jumper, having paired the two together at home before packing in my case – and you guessed it – a thermal top underneath was an essential. I accessorised with my favourite £28 handbag. Yep, you read that right, £28 – as well as some gorgeous new pieces from the PANDORA Shine jewellery collection. My sunglasses are my latest fabulous find from Amazon – who knew you could order Fendi Sunglasses on Prime?!


Trousers by Topshop

Jumper by Topshop

Mules by Reiss

Coat by Reiss

Bag by Topshop

Sunglasses by Fendi via Amazon Fashion

Jewellery by PANDORA