A Guide To Finding Your Summer Scent

A Guide to your Summer Scent

As we finally start to think about Summer holidays and far flung destinations to explore as the temperatures rise, why not switch to a scent that’s as vibrant and vivid as your travel plans? I personally love to switch up my scent during the summer months, something to match the weather and the mood at this time of year, and as fragrance is so closely linked to memories, I will conjure memories of fabulous destinations each time I spritz the scent at home.

Here are a few of my tips on how to choose which perfume to switch to this summer, and a few notes on my personal favourite;

Try a Variation of your Signature Scent

Perhaps the perfume you already wear has a lighter version for Summer, or maybe a ‘cologne’ or ‘l’eau’ edition. If you have fallen in love with a fragrance then perhaps a ‘sister scent’ such as ‘Nomade’ to the original Chloe perfume will be an easy way to know that you already love the notes in the scent. Often for launches at this time of year, the scent has a fresher top note and softer base notes which develop as you wear them.


Know what you love!

Often, our preferences in fragrance can be predicted by the foods we love to eat in Summer! Are you a fan of citrusy treats or berries or tropical fruits? Perhaps you love mint or rosemary – or are you a fan of spicy foods? Think of notes like cinnamon or ginger, or perhaps pink peppercorn. I love soft wooden notes as well as fresh top notes, so the oak moss and freesia notes in are the perfect combination to my fragrance preferences.

If in doubt, opt for soft notes such as soft florals which won’t be too overpowering. The softest include magnolia, freesia and honeysuckle with the delicate white petals.


Keep it light

Did you know that humidity affects how our fragrance smells?! Certain molecules evaporate rather than sticking to our skin, so they smell stronger when it’s warm out, but sometimes don’t last so long. I’d recommend keeping a in  your purse and reapplying throughout the day, or invest in additional products such as or .


Let your Fragrance Take You Places – Chloé Nomade

With the free-spirited and effortless vibe of the brand, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to be a Chloé girl, I know I do! The French brands new scent adds to the dynasty of lovable scents, but instead of the rosy notes of the previous perfumes, this one is more earthy, almost easier to wear and instantly transports you to easy-breezy beach days with just one spritz.

Boho in a bottle, it’s inspired by the adventurous woman who wants to travel the world, with plenty of French chic style everywhere she goes. I’ve taken the perfume with me on all of my latest travels including Dallas, Tulum, and now the Maldives- it’s safe to say that just one spritz transports me to exotic lands, even when I’m actually at home at my desk in London!

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Style up your Scent

Your scent compliments your style, so choose one that matches your outfit for the day – often we are naturally attracted to scents that match our clothing preferences; a chic and boho scent naturally being the one I opt for for vacations! Here I’ve styled a created with beautiful light chiffon material to give a stylish yet bohemian look. I leave my hair and makeup minimal and understated to tone down the look for a beach dinner, and accessorise with a simple gold bangle and Chloe handbag. The blue floral dress is from the new Designers at Debehams collaboration with the Preen design house; discover more of the collection.


How do you choose your Summer Scent?