How To Care For Your Hair This Summer

Oh I do adore the Summer months, but with the sun, sea and sand – our hair often gets a pretty rough deal. Oh – and don’t even get me started on colouring, styling and the damage from the environment! We all crave those perfect beachy waves but often the reality is dry, damaged frizzy ends that make you just want to scrape all of your locks into a messy bun and forget about them.

For many years I’ve used Aveda’s Damage Remedy range – with it’s beautiful new packaging and effective plant based and sustainably sourced ingredients, there are products within the range to combat most of our Summer hair woes. Here’s how I’ll be using the range during the warmer months!


Treat yourself to a hair mask!

I apply a hair mask every other time I wash my hair, and I find especially in Summer, my dry ends absolutely drink it up. Especially for healthy, post holiday hair, it’s so important to you nourish and allow your hair to recover, so a post-shampoo treatment is often what’s needed. The Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment instantly helps to repair damage hair, as well as providing lasting protection from heat styling, and aiding with detangling – to help prevent hair from damaging further. I am trying to avoid chemicals on my body and hair as much as possible, so the organically derived ingredients such as quinoa protein and wheat protein which protect and repair the hair are the best ingredients to use. After using  shampoo, I distribute the treatment through my hair and allow it to be absorbed for up to 10 minutes while I pamper myself – the difference in my damage levels is noticeable instantly, and over time the hair condition just gets better and better.

Don’t Wash Too Often

As tempting as it may be, it’s not a good idea to wash hair every day, as this strips the hair of its natural oils. When I shampoo in the Summer, I double cleanse with a gentle shampoo, and love to create a pampering experience in the shower; I adore the scent of Aveda’s Shampure shampoo; it has a calming aroma thanks to the 25 pure flower and plant essences that linger for hours after a hair wash. With Morikue protein, the hair is nourished and cleansed – it’s important not to let natural oils sit in the hair for too long, so washing every 2 or 3 days would be the perfect frequency.


Freshen Up On The Go

For a pampering refresh without the need to wash, choose a dry shampoo to apply to the roots of your hair that will absorb excess oils and impurities. I use the Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo for adding volume too, on days when my style needs a little added oomph! The formula contains 99.8% natural ingredients, and is a non-aerosol powder mist, giving you total control over your style. As you can imagine, with organic lavender and ylang ylang, the scent is uber calming and fresh too!

 Take it Easy on your Hair!

Summer dries your hair out a lot with the temperatures, sea, sand, chlorine, air con (the list continues…) so keep heated appliances and chemical hair treatments to an absolute minimum, and try to avoid too much colouring of your hair, whether at the salon or at home. Check out Aveda’s blog post here with tips for air-drying your hair, one of my favourite tips is triple checking that your conditioner is totally washed out; even the lightest of conditioners can weigh hair down if not washed out properly! As a brand, Aveda’s roots lie in ayurvedic rituals and formulas, with a focus on not just the hair or skin, but also the body, our minds, and emotion. With a commitment to using organic and naturally derived ingredients as much as possible, your hair is treated to nourishment and care without chemical compromise.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

You can do everything product wise to protect your hair, but if you don’t drink enough water, your skin won’t have enough fluids to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and ensure you drink enough water, and of course top up your hydration levels and repair dehydrated ends with Aveda’s Damage Remedy range, the daily hair repair is a leave-in treatment that instantly repairs the damage on the hair’s surface, and it helps reduce breakage by 90% in just one week. Macadamia and soy are two of the naturally derived ingredients which work to condition and nourish the hair, fighting any damage caused by heat or dehydration.

What do you do to keep your hair in tip top condition in the warmer months?

Thank you to Aveda for collaborating for this post!