10 Beauty Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

To go alongside today’s YouTube video; ’10 Beauty Mistakes and How to Avoid Them’ I thought I’d also create a blog post on the topic, to go into a little more detail, and share some product recommendations for ways to get it right. These are mistakes that you might have made in the past, and I know for sure I definitely have. Sometimes  they just become part of our routine or we end up doing them without even thinking about it. Of course there are those that enjoy more dramatic makeup looks, However if you’re here on my blog you probably know I enjoy a more natural look.

Beauty Mistake #1 – Over-Lining your Eye

So here is your friendly beauty intervention. The first mistake that I still see a lot of people doing in real life and on social media, is over-lining your eye. Now i’m talking about that big thick black line drawn over your eye. I have definitely done this myself especially in autumn / winter when I am trying to to draw attention to my eye, but eyeliner actually creates more of a closed eye look. Instead, opt for a thin liner close to the lash line or even an eyeshadow applied with a thin brush and pressing it close to the lashes.


Beauty Mistake #2 – Mascara on the bottom lashes 

My second beauty mistake really leads on from the first one and that is putting mascara or liner on the bottom lashes.  This works for some people and not for others. If you do want to put mascara on the bottom lashes use a brown ones or a clear one, it is important to not clump the lashes together. But I find most of the time adding mascara to the lower lashes also makes your eyes look smaller. I am someone with naturally small eyes and do everything in my power to make them look bigger. So when it comes to putting mascara on the top and bottom lashes it really does closes up the eye look. 

Beauty Mistake #3 – Dark Lipstick

My third beauty mistake is wearing a really dark lipstick. Wearing really dark lipstick as seen on many celebrities  like Kylie Jenner, makes the lips actually look smaller and thinner. It draws a lot of attention to your lipstick instead of your actual lips. If your lipstick is to bold for the makeup look you are going for then it really imbalances your face. The exception would be a lovely red or mauve that would really suit your skin tone can look absolutely beautiful especially during the autumn winter months. I would say save the dark vivid lips for the evening. Go for a soft nude or brown – pink, we all have our favourite everyday  lipstick or balm which would work perfectly.

Beauty Mistake #4 – Dark Nail Varnish

The fourth beauty mistake is wearing a really dark nail varnish. Dark varnish shows chips really easily, unless you get a shellac and no one likes a chipped nail. It also makes the nails look shorter and to fix this I find that a nude or a light nail varnish is the best. It really makes the fingers look longer and more elegant, think the effect that nude heels have won your legs. As there is no blunt colour at the end  your legs tend to look a lot longer and the exact same applies to nail varnish. Nude varnish is also a really classic colour and perfect if you need to look more put together for work. Its elegant, classic and timeless. Also another tip for a visually elongating look, I always recommend to go for a round oval shape when it comes to the cut. Lastly if you have one nail shorter then the other, I suggest filling them all down to make them look clean and uniform.

Beauty Mistake #5 – Bold Eyebrows

Beauty mistake  number five is having your eyebrows too bold. A general theme in this video is is not attracting too much attention to one part of your face. This is most definitely a beauty mistake I’ve made in the past and will probably make again, especially if you dye your eyebrows at home. Having bold eyebrows is very distracting to the rest of your face. There are some lovely light coloured eyebrow pencils on the market and just stay true to your natural brow colour. Don’t try and do a beautiful arch if you have quite round brows like me, instead if you are confused on how to shape them just go to professional. For up-keep all you will have to do is pluck afterwards.

Beauty Mistake #6 – Mismatching Face and Neck 

One mistake that I know many of us have made is a mismatched face and neck. If you are wearing a foundation that is too dark or to light from your natural skin colour chances are you may have a little mismatched situation. A few ways of avoiding this beauty mistake are of course, choosing a foundation that is right for your skin colour as we sometimes tend to go a little darker. A way of warming up the face would be with the right bronzer instead of going for a bronzer that is too dark for you. In the summer months when you notice that your body might still be a little darker try out a few tanning drops in your moisturiser for a natural healthy glow that will even out that colour match. Another tip is to always make sure you blend your foundation into your neck; whatever you do to your face, do to your neck as well.

Beauty Mistake #7 – Heavy Makeup During The Day

My next beauty tip to avoid is wearing too much heavy makeup during the day. The general rule is during the day keep it soft and light. By either using BB creams to keep it natural during the day and amping it up at night. If your strat your day with a full face of makeup then there is no way or building it up and making look more dramatic. You also want to make sure your makeup is always a good fit for your surroundings. For example if your are in the office, it isn’t the most appropriate to go in with big smokey eye or over lined lip, save that for the evening when the lights are a little darker and your want your makeup to do all the talking. 

Beauty Mistake #8 – Balance between Eye and Lip 

The next makeup tip is one I think I picked up in Shout magazine and has stuck with me forever and that is you need to have balance between the eyes and the lip.  This means if you have gone for a bold eye look, you should balance it out with a more natural lip and if you’ve have a bold overland lip you should go for a more subtle brown eyeshadow. This again is just to have more balance and to keep you from going overboard with the makeup on your face. 


Beauty Mistake #9 – Too Much Perfume

My second to last beauty tip is wearing too much perfume. Something really important to remember especially if you have that everyday go to perfume is that we are immune to our own smell. After a while of wearing the same perfume sometimes we don’t smell it, but that doesn’t mean others cant smell it. Its one thing to smell clean and fresh but you don’t want people to still smell you once you’ve left the room. Instead of going overboard and spraying perfume all over your outfit, body  and hair just spray a maximum of four times on your pulse points. That will ensure that throughout the day your sent will just gently come off you and people will still be able to smell your beautiful perfume with out it being overwhelming. 


Beauty Mistake #10 – Bad Fake Tan

Beauty mistake number ten ! My final beauty mistake to avoid is bad fake tan. Again, I’ve been there and done that but there are so many great fake tans out there and such good advise for getting it right, so there really are no excuses. I have done an entire video on my tanning routine but the basic top level tip is that its all about preparation.  Make sure your skin is exfoliated, you have no dry patches and just take the time when apply your fake tan. On that note tanning in general like real sun tanning is a big no-no. It is a big beauty mistake and we all know the dangers of sun damage how are skin turns to leather and it can lead to skin cancer.  There is really no reason for laying out in the sun covered in oil when there are so many options for fake tans out there. Lets be honest the glow only lasts for a week but the damage will be forever. My favourite fake tan at the moment is Vita Liberato, it lasts so long looks so beautiful and is organic. Also The Oskia tanning face drops and with these two, this is what I now swear by. 

So these are my top ten beauty mistakes and how to avoid them. The over all theme is that its all about making you stand out and feel great and not making one part of your makeup stand out.