15 High Street Bags That Look High End!

It’s no secret that your accessories can truly make or break your outfit, and a designer handbag is always a foolproof way of elevating your outfit and giving it a luxe finish. However, a designer bag is a huge investment, and there’s no need to break the bank to get the look for less, so I’ve compiled 15 beautiful bags from the highstreet that give a luxe look for less!

Each of these 15 bags is under £100, and either have a designer inspired look such as the Chloe  Pixie-esque circle bag at number 10, or have beautiful quality luxe looking design details such as the beautiful metal details and pearlescent effect of the box bag in at number one.

Keep a look out for fabrics often seen used by expensive designers such as the Boucle Tweed effect, very Chanel-esque, seen in the River Island bag at number 11, or the ultra luxe effect of the croc leather of bag number 9!

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