How to wear Beige and NOT look boring!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of a neutral #ootd. One of my first videos to go ‘viral’ on YouTube was my ‘How To Look Expensive‘ video where I spoke at length of my love of cream, beige and white tones, and how I feel they always add a classic and luxurious touch to your outfit. Without even thinking about it, I gravitate toward these tones every time I shop, and while I own maybe one or two (only!!) black things in my wardrobe, for me the most flattering items I own are all, well, beige.

To some, beige may appear boring. Too ‘vanilla’ and too neutral. To me, a well put together neutral outfit in lighter tones is anything but boring. The none-offensive shades enable you to play with multiple textures, patterns even, and mix garment types that had they been any other colour, would have clashed in a ghastly way. Take this outfit for example. Varying shades of beige, from a mocha toned almost brown satin skirt, to a just off-white chunky knit combine seamlessly with a coat that is a biscuity beige shade. Combining so many colours in an outfit shouldn’t work, but it does, and this time of year is perfect for seeing just got much you can get away with.

This outfit combines so many of my favourite (beige) things, starting off with this . It’s a lovely warm material, yet is unlined, so a great choice for this time of year as we begin to think about transitioning our wardrobes into Spring. This coat is from the highstreet, yet I’d always say that investing in a beige / camel coat is always a good idea, thanks to the classic and timeless shade making it an eternal wardrobe staple.
You can’t go wrong with a plain chunky knit and this just off-white jumper is another classic. The only design detail being an alternative stitch detail on the sleeves, this is a jumper which will never go out of style. To bring the look more on trend, I opted for a . Oh how I’ve loved and adopted this trend to the absolute maximum! Any trend which is feminine, elegant and has a luxe look to it (yet can be super affordable) gets the nod of approval from me, and the mocha/pink shade of this one is just perfection.

are your new best friend. With the midi hemline being favoured at this time of year, and yet not wanting to show too much bare leg, they’re the perfect solution. Many have a  low block heel, like this pair, making them perfect for giving a height boost, yet being comfortable to wear all day long.

I completed the look with a – doesn’t it look expensive?! Spoiler alert – it wasn’t! and classic designer shades always finish off a look with class and elegance, and voila! Your beige outfit? Boring no more.


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