Beauty Pie // Here’s What You Need To Know

An Introduction to Beauty Pie

It’s the beauty membership that has become the industry’s worst kept secrets, as everyone from your favourite influencers to your friends with the glowiest skin are talking about Beauty Pie; and how it just makes So. Much. Sense.

Top level info you need to know; is essentially a luxury beauty buyers club; sign up with a membership (get £10 off with code JOSIESENTME here) and then have access to buy premium beauty products direct from the worlds most prestigious beauty labs, without paying the crazy markups that have become the norm across the beauty industry. Yep – no middle man, so expect best selling beauty products, from luxury Japanese skincare to the most scrumptious body créme’s from France at prices you’ve never seen before.

Anyone who has ever worked in retail, or sales, or… well actually pretty much EVERYONE knows that there are the most staggering markups on products; yep you’re paying for your favourite actress to be the face of that fragrance, and that huge booth that the beauty brands have in the Selfridges beauty hall – and they don’t come cheap! Well, super-entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore (founder of brands including Bliss Spa, Soap & Glory, Fit-Flop to name but a few) decided enough was enough, and she decided it was time for change.

Where do I start?

It’s safe to say I’ve never tried a Beauty Pie product and not fallen in love, but I certainly have a few favourites to share with you, and you can sign up to my if you’d like to hear regular updates on which Beauty Pie products I’m loving each week. From to and to , trust me, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

An example of the savings; the ‘classic’ beauty sponge that we all used to be obsessed with? Over £17. Per sponge. On Beauty Pie, get a (that are literally the exact same) for less than £15. Yeah…. that’s reason alone to sign up right?!

Within Beauty Pie, you’ll soon see that there are a, such as Japanfusion, Super Retinol and Vitamin C – so you could start by targeting your key skin ‘needs’ and begin creating your product Wishlist from there. Let’s face it, we all crave that youthful, glowing and healthy complexion, so a favourite of mine is the Super Retinol range. In fact one of the products that first ‘sealed the deal’ for me was the . You’d expect to pay around £70 for the branded version of this, but with a Beauty Pie membership, you’ll pay just under £17. The retinol formula smooths fine lines while the ceramides soothe your skin and repair the skin’s barriers, while lactic and hyaluronic acids within the formula boost skins hydration levels. You’ll be swapping out your expensive night cream in no time.

Hydration Station

A range that is loved by all is the from Beauty Pie, from sheet masks to , this range is your cheat sheet to glowing, hydrated skin. A key ingredient for all skin types, hyaluronic acid increases skins moisture by holding onto precious moisture within the skin which in turn helps boost elasticity, softens fine lines, prompts your skin to make more collagen and elastin, and even reduce scarring. It really is a super ingredient, and now thanks to Beauty Pie, it’s one we can all afford to include within our skincare range.

Personally I love to mix my serums, so you’ll often see me adding to my Hyaluronic serum, and then especially throughout warmer months, I’ll top up my skins moisture levels throughout the day with the incredible from Beauty Pie; which ordinarily you’d expect to pay up to £50 for (due to the incredible and effective ingredients found within the Swiss made formula) – which like the serum includes hyalorinic acid particles of three different molecular weights, enabling them to affect the different layers of the skin.

Eye serums can often catch you out of being ultra expensive, but the Swiss made for Beauty Pie will cost you under £15 once your membership is set up; with ingredients to soften fine lines, hydrate the eye area and make a visible impact on any crows feet or puffiness; it really is a game changing product.

The Capsule Collection

Is there anything more satisfying than ?! They deliver the perfect amount of skincare, and remain ultra fresh even with active ingredients, as the capsule prevents light and air from reaching the product before it’s ready to work its magic on your skin. I am obsessed with using skincare capsules, but oh boy can the price rack up! That’s why I can’t stop raving about Beauty Pie’s collection of skincare capsules, including my absolute favourites; the . Think of them as your instant skincare boost. Add these to your skincare routine when you want that extra boost of hydration and antioxidation (giving your skin a fighting chance at fighting off damage from all kinds of pollution and environmental stresses) – as well as a shot of pure Vitamin C to smooth and brighten your complexion.

A Helping Hand

Something that I’m also obsessed with right now, more than ever, is hand cream. Whether it’s thanks to my many, many hours spent in the garden, or perhaps the knowledge that our hands show signs of ageing as much as the skin on our faces, but I’m really focusing on taking good care of my hands. You’ll always find a hand cream in my handbag, in my car, at my desk, bedside table, by the sinks, oh I could go on and on and on, and you bet Beauty Pie have some absolutely wonderful options. If you love a gorgeous fragrance and also effective hand cream that sinks in quickly, you’ll love the – grease free and full of moisturising natural ingredients including Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and many more; with skin brightening Tranexamic Acid and Vitamin C to help fade the appearance of sun spots and improve signs of ageing. This one is with me in my handbag, while I use the each night before bed (I literally can not believe it’s under £12 for such an effective hand cream!!!) while the is my go to for super moisturisation after spending hours potting up my vegetable seedlings in the Kitchen Garden!

So darlings, I could go on forever about the different Beauty Pie products that I adore, but I hope this gives you a glimpse into how it works, the incredible value of the products and the huge breadth of beauty essentials that you can treat yourself to as part of your Beauty Pie membership. I’ll be continuing to share my favourites in my , and don’t forget about this incredible offer to get you started;

Use code JOSIESENTME for £10 off your Beauty Pie Membership.