5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Spring-Summer Tablescape


5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Spring-Summer Tablescape

Read on for my top 5 tips on how to create the perfect spring-summer tablescape whether you’re hosting a brunch, an afternoon tea or a dinner party!


1 – Choose a Beautiful Setting

The first decision to make is whether you’re going to host your gathering inside or outside, which may of course be weather dependent! Now that the weather in the UK is steadily improving, I’ll always dine al fresco when possible.

Think about which backdrop you’d like for your brunch, lunch or dinner party – you could move your garden furniture to an area of your garden which is in bloom and looking particularly wonderful at that moment, or if it’s a really hot day, you could position your table underneath a blossoming tree which could provide both shade and aesthetic interest.


2 – Think Colour Pairing Perfection

The colours you choose for your tablescape may depend on your setting. You could try creating a tablescape that compliments the location you’re in, for example in the image to the left, I’ve used colours which naturally appear in my garden.

Here I’ve paired sage green with blush pink and white, which has created such a dreamy effect, and this scheme works beautifully with the foliage and blooms in my herbaceous boarder.


3 – Choose the Perfect Tableware

When it comes to choosing your crockery, cutlery, glasses and fabrics, you can again choose items which are in keeping with what’s around you. Think floral pitchersjute outdoor cushions and botanical napkins.

If you want a more subtle effect, you could choose plainer fabrics but still stick with the theme of natural colours, such as sage green linen napkins or perfectly imperfect neutral crockery. When it comes to hosting an al fresco gathering however, I think it’s a great opportunity to let your creativity run wild and have fun with your design choices!



4 – Add Florals

No spring-summer tablescape could be complete without some beautiful blooms, and extra points if they are homegrown flowers! You don’t have to go out and spend loads of money on expensive bouquets to get the desired effect, instead you could of course grow your own flowers, or you could simply go foraging!

The general rule with foraging is that you can take foliage from public spaces, but be sure not to take too much, and of course don’t forage on private land. With this is mind, head out with your secateurs and collect whatever’s in season; cow parsley, poppies, green foliage, branches and more! You can then arrange your loot in a beautiful vase, and you could even dot any spare blooms in little bud vases in empty spots on your table.

5 – Nail the Food & Drink

The food and drink is arguably the most important part of any gathering. Consider the fact that your food and drink can be presented in a way to add to the overall look of the tablescape. A wonderfully presented salad in a lovely serving bowl; a fresh loaf of sourdough artfully sliced on a gorgeous wooden board; some beautifully decorated homemade cupcakes served on a cake stand or a serving platter – these can really add to the overall effect of the tablescape, while also being delicious!

Where you can, aim to use local, seasonal produce. You could even add a homegrown element to your menu, weather that’s a full salad or just a herby garnish! When choosing your drinks, you could spruce up a jug of water by adding some homegrown rosemary and a couple of slices of lemon; and you could get creative with some seasonally appropriate cocktails served in wonderful glasses.