What’s New on Beauty Pie

Barely a day goes by without me raving about a new Beauty Pie obsession, whether it’s to Charlie (now firmly hooked on the Super Pore Detox Clay Mask!) my dearest mother (firm fan of the Vitamin C capsules – I still can’t believe they’re only £16!) or my wonderful online community. Today, I’m sharing my Summer favourites from Beauty Pie and reminding you why it’s the absolute best membership you’ll ever sign up to!

Right, so, if you haven’t heard already, Beauty Pie is a brand founded by Marcia Kilgore because she believed that the beauty industry was getting it all wrong; charging a markup of 10x on average, and reducing the quality of products to allow for the many layers of markup. Marcia was inspired to do things differently – Beauty Pie products are made using the same ingredients and methods as many of the top luxury brands, but as they don’t overspend on fancy shops and glitzy packaging, they are able to slash the markups significantly, meaning they can sell products for up to 70% less than most other beauty brands.


All you need to do to get in on the action is purchase a membership which can be monthly or yearly. I’d recommend getting the annual membership, which works out at £4.95 per month, and for that, you’ll get access to insanely eye-watering member pricing on an ever-growing range of luxurious beauty products, makeup, hair products, supplements and loads more!


I genuinely could not recommend Beauty Pie more. I’ve done several side-by-side comparisons of premium beauty products with their Beauty Pie counterpart, and each time I can’t tell the difference between the two products, and sometimes the Beauty Pie product is even better while being a fraction of the cost!! One example of this is the Flawless Foundation Blending Sponge Set. I did a side-by-side comparison between this and the original beauty sponge brand (I won’t name names!) and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference; the price certainly helps too – at £15 for a set of TEN sponges for Beauty Pie members, vs the well-known alternative costing you £17.50 for ONE sponge – yikes!


It’s a no-brainer; sign up to Beauty Pie here using JOSIESENTME for £10 off your membership

My top 3 Beauty Pie Products


1 – Superactive Capsules Vitamin C and E Serum

Vitamin C in particular is one beauty ingredient I just can’t go without. Vitamin C has sooo many benefits for the skin; it protects the skin from sun damage, encourages collagen production, brightens and hydrates. I always incorporate Vitamin C into my morning skin care routine, and these capsules from Beauty Pie have the added benefit of containing Vitamin E which is an antioxidant, meaning it helps protect the skin from damage. It is also incredibly hydrating. Vitamin C is something we should all apply each morning; I use a capsule after my hydrating serum and not only do they smell amazing – but I seriously notice the glow that they give my skin.


2- Footopia

Perhaps surprisingly, a foot cream has made it into my top 3. Footopia is the ultimate foot cream; it is super thick and creamy, has a nice minty scent, and leaves your feet feeling super soft. Every Beauty Pie order I do contains one footopia cream for me, and another for LL, AND another for Charlie as we all absolutely love it.


3 – Super Healthy Skin Body Moisturising Cream 

Here we have a luxurious body cream, made in France and which I always reach for over my other moisturisers as it is super thick and hydrating and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. It also smells delicious as it is infused with hibiscus and several essential oils such as orange and geranium. It sinks in super quickly, gives long lasting hydration and glowing limbs, and the packaging is ultra lightweight so I always take one with me on holiday too!

Shop my all time favourites below

New in on Beauty Pie

I’ve got to tell you all about my favourite new in Beauty Pie product. It’s called Shinkai Electrolyte Drench Gel and it is a 3-in-1 hydrating cream. This hardworking cream was created in Japan, and contains an infusion of electrolytes, microbiome supporting kombucha and a tripeptide complex. This wondrous cream can be used in the morning under SPF or slathered on at night to be used as an overnight mask. You don’t have to just take it from me – you can also check out the reviews for this product on Beauty Pie’s website – everyone is raving about it!
I first used this after our Ibiza trip, on skin that needed some serious hydration after 2 flights and 4 days in the sun – when I tell you my skin DRANK it in! Ultra hydration and skin recovery, and yet light enough to use every day, and sink in quickly meaning you’re skin is primed and ready for makeup application, with the benefits of all day long hydration. I find my makeup sits much more comfortably on the skin and lasts better throughout the day thanks to the long term hydration of the Shinkai – officially a new Beauty Pie fave.


What are your Beauty Pie favourites that you instantly * add to basket * every month? Let me know down below or over on Instagram or Threads!