Wellness Wednesday: Why I’m Now Obsessed with Matcha

Wellness Wednesday: My Thoughts on Matcha

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’m a coffee addict (Charlie on the other hand….) but I am trying to cut down my consumption just a little bit! When that 2 or 3pm energy slump starts to hit, I’ve been looking for an alternative to my usual Oat Milk Latte (read my thoughts about Oat Milk here) and lately I’ve been incorporating a yummy matcha latte into my daily beverage routine. I’ve tried lots of varying recipes (mostly found via instagram!) and have a gorgeous, warming recipe here which is my favourite – and I know will be my winter warmer of choice once the cooler temperatures descend!
Matcha is a type of green tea which comes as a fine green powder which is high in antioxidants and other nutrients. Matcha powder can be consumed in a latte, a shot, or a dessert and is rumoured to have many health benefits. Read on for my matcha latte recipe, and some of the benefits I’ve been reading about.


My Matcha latte recipe

To make a delicious matcha latte, all you’ll need is milk, some kind of sweetener (such as maple syrup) and around a teaspoon and a half of high quality matcha powder; I use organic ceremonial grade powder as it’s the best of the best! I also like to use a spoon of organic cinnamon powder for extra yumminess.

Heat your milk however you usually would – such as using your coffee machine. Sift your matcha into the hot milk using a mini sieve if you have one, then whisk together. Be sure to use a proper whisk rather than a fork, as matcha powder has the tendency to clump up – and there’s nothing worse than a lumpy latte!

If you have a you can guarantee a silky smooth matcha latte. Simply add the cold milk to the velvetiser, press start and sift the matcha powder in as the milk begins to wizz.

You can also add in your teaspoon of honey (or whatever sweetener you prefer) to the Velvetiser at this point, and then put the lid of the Velvetiser on as it continues to wizz. In my opinion, the Velvetiser makes the best matcha latte, as it prevents the latte from being grainy.




The benefits of Matcha

I’m no matcha expert, but based on what I’ve read and heard, here are some of the key benefits of regularly consuming matcha;

1 – Matcha is thought to boost brain function

Matcha contains a higher amount of caffeine when compared to other green teas, and as we all know, caffeine can help to boost alertness, attention and concentration. Matcha however contains another secret weapon – a compound called L-theanine which further boosts the effects of the caffeine

2 – Matcha contains high levels of antioxidants

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the benefits of antioxidants – they stabilise free-radicals which prevents them from damaging your cells. Antioxidants are therefore thought to reduce your chances of developing various chronic diseases

3 – Matcha can help you to maintain a healthy weight

Matcha, like other green teas, is thought to help you to maintain a healthy weight as it increases the speed of your metabolism

4 – Matcha may be beneficial for heart health 

Matcha contains high levels of the nutrient EGCG, which is a compound thought to prevent plaque build up in the cardiovascular system


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