Dexter & Dickens’ Favourite Doggy Brands

Dexter & Dickens’ Favourite Doggy Brands

When it comes to doggy fashion + fine dining (LOL!!!), who could be better qualified to write about the top brands and products than Dexter & Dickens? This pair of discerning sausage-shaped pooches have tried a huge range of beds, leads, food & fashion, and they’d love to share their absolute favourites with you! 


Le Chameau

Le Chameau may be best known for their high quality & rather stylish wellies (which are perfect for dog walking!), but they also produce some incredible pieces for doggies. Dexter and Dickens absolutely love their stainless steel Le Chameau dog bowls, which they have in green, but also come in two other fabulous shades.

Le Chameau also have a range of sturdy waterproof dog coats, which come in Le Chameau’s classic shade of green, as well as rouge and dark blue. The pooch products don’t end there; Le Chameau also stock portable water bowls, fleecy blankets, dog beds and high-quality leather collars and leads, which we’ve had for many years – they just get better with age!




If you and your pooch want to brave the countryside in matching outfits, then look no further than Barbour. Barbour are known for producing durable , but did you know they produce too? And yes, their dog coats even have the iconic brown cord collar – how adorable! For those who love the classic Barbour tartan, you could accessorise your four-legged friend with the or go for the if you prefer that.





Mutts & Hounds

When choosing a dog bed, it’s important to carefully consider several things. The bed has got to be durable – especially if your dog likes to chew! The bed has also got to look good within your home, as it’s likely to be on show all the time. For these reasons, our go-to brand for Dexter & Dickens’ bed is Mutts & Hounds.

Mutts & Hounds is a wonderful British brand who produce exceptionally high quality products for dogs; including leather collars, adorable toys, dog bowls and more. Dexter & Dickens’ favourite dog bed is a Mutts & Hounds boxy bed, made from durable Yorkshire tweed – which is both super durable and machine washable.




Daylesford have an excellent range of dog products. From , to to – Daylesford have everything your pampered pooch might need!

Daylesford dog food is Dexter and Dickens’ top choice for breakfast and dinner – with the being a firm favourite. The are also a great choice; and with no nasty ingredients, Daylesford dog food & treats are a healthy option for your precious pups.